Monday, October 24, 2011

Nineteen Years!

Every year on October 24th Shannon and I recognize the years we have been together. Today we celebrate # NINETEEN! We don't do anything special, but we do acknowledge it. This morning I awoke to a very sweet text from him, as he was hopping on a plane. He beat me to it and it made my day!!!
I have been very blessed with such an amazing guy.
In the past 19 years we went through college, found our careers, got married, changed careers (a few times), had 3 beautiful baby boys, and have created a lifetime of fantastic memories.
He still possesses all the same great qualities that he did when we first started dating.
He is a man of quiet confidence and great character. He is a good Christian and role model for our boys, a very hard worker who continues to plug away even when the chips are down. Underneath his shyness, he is quick-witted and frequently makes me laugh out loud...usually at myself.
He is my best friend AND husband.
What more could a girl ask for!


Too bad the Capitol Cafe is closed...we'd go re-create our first date all over again.
Who knew Paul, an "Old Shoe", and water with fry would usher in a beautiful life together??
I love you, Shan!

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just ask beth said...

glad y'all 2 are perfect together..and those 3 boys..well, precious!!