Sunday, October 30, 2011

My birthday, fair, and kickball

I was very blessed to celebrate my 3?th birthday surrounded by the people that I love!
Thursday October 20th, my actual birthday, my mom, dad, aunt Judy, aunt Laynie, and cousin Renee treated me to lunch at Jason's Deli (my fave salad on the planet is there)! Such a nice treat.
I love y'all! Thank you for loving me back!

It was sooo windy and cold downtown, but so beautiful outside. Poor Ollie looks to be asleep in this pic.
Renee, Aunt Laynie, Aunt Judy, Mom, Me and Ollie (Dad...behind the camera)

It's also fair time here! We continued the celebration with my boys there after Shan got home from work. My mom went into labor with me the night she got home from the fair. So I feel like the two events go hand-in-hand. ;-)
A few years ago I posted my fair checklist. It has changed slightly since we have added another little peep to the bunch and Sam and Fu are older.

It goes kinda like this...
  1. Park at TNT sports -c/o Carter Ellis (He has our VIP spot every year...THANKS, Carter!) Please support them! Side note...They are a fantastic local sporting goods store---Love the Ellis family!
  2. Fried Mushrooms -Me & Shannon
  3. Corn dogs -Shannon, Sam, and Oliver
  4. Pig Races-The whole family
  5. Cattle barn and Petting zoo -The whole family
  6. Various Kiddie Rides -Fulton and Oliver
  7. Various Big Kid Rides -Sam, Fulton, and Me (Shannon gets motion sickness)
  8. FISKE French Fries -The whole family
  9. Various Big Kid Rides -Sam, Fulton, and Me
  10. Sand sculpture-The whole family
  11. Giant Ferris wheel for picture-The whole family
  12. Cotton Candy/Candy Apples -Sam, Fulton, and Oliver
  13. Elephant Ear -The whole family
  14. A few more rides for the boys
  15. Bye Fair!!!! See you next year!

 It was a great day to celebrate being blessed with another year!

On Friday we had the school Mother-Son Kickball game. It was so much fun and I highly recommend it as a small fundraiser for your school.

 My dear friend Katie and I with 2 of our 3 boys

Shannon had arranged for us to meet a few of our closest friends at The Public House after the kickball game. I just love these people. Their friendship means the world to me. Unfortunately, the Gibsons and the Kirklands couldn't make it and neither could Brooks's husband, David. But we managed to still have our usual belly laughs and great conversation.

Anne Stuart, Jen, Me, and Darby... (Brooks missed the photo-op)

I love that I share my birthday week with 4 other family member...April (S-I-L) and Jameson (nephew)-10/14, Sam-10/15, and Clayton-(10/22). We try to cram them all in at once with my side of the family since everyone is all hither-thither-and yon now.
So we did just that on Saturday. I was really bummed that my youngest brother, Nic wasn't able to come. But, we still had a great time catching up.
On Sunday, Shan and the boys still hadn't cut my ice cream cake or given me my present because we had been going non-stop!!! So we invited mom and dad to lunch and FINALLY did it!

Me with my mom, dad, and two of my three brothers

I am truly blessed and thankful for all the years God has given me on this earth. I am equally thankful for all the wonderful people who are here to celebrate it with me. I love my family and friends more than they know!!

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bevy said...

OK, this is my most favorite post ever! Of course I am biased as it had pictures of three of my most favorite girls (not including you!) in it! Hope you had a wonderful day...