Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Birthday is Coming! My Birthday is Coming!

My (3?th) birthday is just around the corner in the beautiful month of October! It's just a smidge under a month away. I love celebrating birthdays. Anyone's. Although, the older I get the less fun it is to celebrate mine...uuuuhhhg!

Even though I do not expect gifts from ANYONE, it's always fun to keep a running wish list.
If for nothing else, than to just keep track of things I'd like to save for or splurge on one day.

Here goes...

1. A new Swivel Sweeper. This mama ain't too proud to ask for a household appliance. My dad gave me one a few years ago and I used it on a daily basis. I just loved the convenience of not having to drag out "JAWS". Well, it just bit it a few weeks ago and I really want another one. It is perfect for the crumb and dirt trail left by the littles.

2. A heart rate watch like these by Garmin or Polar. It will make it a little easier to calculate my daily intake vs. output. I don't really need all the whistles and bells my running friends use. The simpler ones would do just fine.

3. I'd also LOVE some rocking chairs in black for my front porch...4 please! Well?!?! I have a big porch that I like to obsess over.

4. Next up...this is my totally unrealistic request... THE NEW SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!! I. WANT. IT!
{I even conveniently researched the best pre-order price here and am posting the link just in case Shan wants to make my year...I'm not sure he even reads this dumb blog. Have I ever mentioned how much I love him!!!! ;0)}

Any who... that's just my little wish list. However, homemade cards and artwork are always welcome too.

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Anonymous said...

Love your list! Hope all your bday wishes come true!