Friday, September 16, 2011

Fulton's 6th Birthday Weekend (1 of 2)

This tiny little person?

How can it be? That's a big kid age! When a "T" no longer follows their clothing size it means they're getting really BIG. Going from 5 to 6 bridges the gap between little boy and school-aged-big-boy. Even though he's only in 5K (because of the whole Sept. 1 cut off thing), SIX just seems so old!

Fulton's birthday was greatly celebrated again this year with lots of fanfare. On Friday morning (his actual birthday) we attended his celebration of life (COL) at school. I can't remember if I've ever posted on this but the COL is a very sweet, personal way to recognize a child on his birthday in the Montessori environment. It's a very peaceful ritual in which the students learn the significance of the child's existence to his family and friends. They also develop a deeper appreciation for that person as they hear important details of the child's life at different stages. It's a wonderful way to focus on your child's special day.

After soccer practice, we let Fu pick where he wanted to eat dinner. He chose Hooligan's, a great landmark in our neighborhood! We serenaded him with Happy Birthday and his cookie dough ice cream cone. He hurriedly ate it, as he couldn't wait to get home to open his presents from us.
Make a wish buddy!
The triplets
(Side Story: I really had someone ask me if they were triplets once. Ummm, yes sir...kinda like the 3 was too big, one too small, and one was JUUUUUST right!)
SO excited!
He's been dyin' for Just Dance 2!
Huh? Why do I need a Karaoke CD?

Needles to say, we had a singing and dancin' party all.night.long! Good gravy!!!

Saturday, it was GAME DAY here in Gamecock Country. We were playing Georgia away. We invited some friends over to watch the game and let the kids play. The Gibsons are huge UGA fans. The problem with that is their youngest son is Fu's BFF. SOOOOO they think it's really cute that their child has converted Fulton to a BULL DAWG!!! He even asked to borrow one of their jerseys for the game. I thought we would cry. Unfortunately, all I got was a few crummy cell phone pics because I couldn't locate my camera for a while. But regardless of their choice of team, the boys looked precious playing ball in the yard in their jerseys and the parents had a great time! The McMillans also came and served as a neutral party and their precious girls were troopers hangin' with the boys all night.We finished the night off with a little Just Dance 2 dance-off!

(NOTE: You can pause the music on the player at the bottom of the blog so it doesn't compete with the video)
My favorite part of the video clip below is what Wright says about Fulton and Fulton's response! Hilarious! I love those boys! I wish you could see precious Caroline in the far right of the screen...Girl's got some moves!!! (She's actually in my video but I shot mine side-ways...nice! So I had to use Shannon's version.)

Everyone was at meltdown status and the fun ended, but we needed to rest up anyway for Fulton's birthday party on Sunday!!

Part 2 of 2 to follow

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