Friday, September 30, 2011

Forget-me-not Friday

I don't want to forget:

Today, when I picked Oliver up from preschool he had a special request as we were buckling up to go home. He asked that his Happy Meal dinosaur that he took for show & tell (it's "D" week) sit next to him in the vacant seat. He was very concerned about his plastic friend's safety, as he asked me to buckle him too. The entire way home he said "talk to him, mommy!" over and over again. I think he just wanted Mr. Dino to feel like a part of the family! So I did just that. I made idle one-sided chit-chat with a toy dinosaur and it made Oliver as content as ever. He is currently napping and sharing his bappy with Mr. Dino!


Heidi said...

THAT is so cute!!!

Lorrie said...

LOVE IT!!!!! the things we do as mommy's....priceless!!!!