Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doctor, Doctor...Gimme the News!

Friday morning I awoke to a house full of crummy-feeling little boys. One had a sore throat, one had an ear infection, and one hasn't been sleeping well, so I had him checked out too. Once I told them we were going to see Dr. Laura they perked up (even saying her name is like magic!), almost enough for me to question their complaints. I told them if they were malingering (they loved learning that word) they'd have to reimburse me the co-pays and they would be taken to school at once ;-)!

In an earlier post I mentioned Sam's dislike for medical procedures. I forewarned him that a "swab" would be involved. Nervously, he agreed to be brave...uuuummmm, not so much! Like every time we go to the doctor, we have to create as much chaos as possible. Sam only had to be restrained by 1 nurse this time while Dr. Laura swabbed him, unlike having 3 in the past. Now, that's what I call progress!

That tiny exam room was making us feel a tad claustrophobic. While waiting on strep results, flu shots, and scripts they had miraculously re-gained all their energy.

So much that they literally began climbing the wall. In an effort to curtail boredom and to remind Sam in the future that a strep test is no big deal, we did a video interview. Fulton and Oliver wanted to join in too.

Unfortunately, because they missed school, they also had to miss Friday and Saturday practices and games and they were none too happy with their "mean mom"! Thankfully, they are all on the mend now and no one had to reimburse mommy.


Lorrie said...

Awesome....and yes mam....she is kiddos adore her as well....we wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

Lorrie Brown Craft

Jennifer said...

This is too cute. And hilarious!! I hate i missed you guys Friday but glad everyone is
Jennifer Waring