Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catching Up is Hard to Do (Part 1)

I'm doin' pretty well! I have managed to make at least one post a week. Sometimes that's even a challenge! Now that school's back in and I have my routine during the day, after school activities, volunteer obligations, and sheer exhaustion at night; it's hard to squeeze time in for a post. It may take me a few posts to catch me up to speed, but I'm gonna try my best!

Rewind to summer...

Even though we had a rough start to summer, it ended up being really nice. Our days were packed with camps for the boys, afternoons at the pool, a few beach trips, and weekends at the lake. We feasted on BLT's, tomato pies, the most perfect peaches and even made them into peach ice cream, "bawled" peanuts, Beaufort stew, and other seasonal faves ...A pretty typical southern summer!

Sam had his first OVERNIGHT camping experience. He was there with his BFF, Will, and Whit, an old friend from church and preschool who moved away. I was nervous at first but once I logged into the camp photo website and saw him laughing, playing, swimming, making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and painted orange, I new he was just fine and that I was missing him waaaaaaay more than he was missing me! That may be a stand-alone-post...

Fulton attempted roller-skating for the first time. We got a great laugh out of it. He was so serious and determined! He did great and looked so grown up!

Oliver grew SO much over the summer. He just gets cuter and funnier by the second. He loves the pool and any body of water for that matter. He had a blast in the sand at the beach. I have a fondness for a sandy, sunscreen-slathered baby! It's a reminder to slow down, take it all in, and enjoy the simple things.

Shannon had knee surgery AGAIN! That threw a kink in things for a week or so. I'm not sure who had the worse recovery...him or me, as we had very limited help with the boys. Entertaining 3 wild Indians and nursing an immobile hubby back to health made for some long tiring days. He's actually a great patient and was very understanding when I would  have my hands full and he had to wait. We managed to get through it together and forge ahead with our summer.

As for me, Nothing too noteworthy except that I lost 16 pounds! Yay me!! I have about 25 more to go, but HEY it's a start! I have done it with a combo of diet and exercise. I lost the bulk of it in May and the rest has come off slowly. I haven't been trying hard recently in the food department, but have managed to keep it off with exercise. I'm waiting on the motivation truck to hit me again!!!!!

Hmmm...what else?
Any who! Here's part 1 recap in pictures Memorial Day through July 4th

Memorial Day Weekend at the lake with our dear friends, The Gibsons

Maritime snooze
Parker-Puff and Special K{atie}
T-R-O-U-B-L-E on the water!

Beach with Shan's Family
Beach Bum Bakers

On Papa's Golf Cart

If you've ever been to Garden City beach, then you know where we are! Sam's Corner of course!!!

The Peter Pan pose

The boys called this "Mommy's Ocean Cafe"
Fishing at the pier

Cousins in the Starfish cake
When asked, Sam and Kirstin said they were digging to China
Fulton and Madeline were staying close to home...they were digging to Alabama!
My BIGGEST blessings!!!!

The Baker Clan

Here in Gamecock Country we celebrated a victorious homecoming!
USC Baseball Team National Champs 2 years in a row!!!

July 4th weekend
Cookout with my mom's side of the fam, lake with friends and family at Shan's parents' house

Mom and me with her sisters and their daughters at a cookout welcoming our newest addition, Baby Peyton! We were so glad to finally meet her and so happy that they could make the trip from Midland, Texas!
Fun and Fireworks with cousins at the lake

The Hopkinses joined in the fun

Cap'n Kangaroo

Sign of a good time had by all!
The boat police must have been bored, if all they had to do was tow my husband back in to the dock. He'll do anything to save a buck or 2...which is how much the float cost that he swam after!

Shannon, one of my dearest old friends!!!!
A fresh and clean Sam and Morgie in their Rocker PJ's, settling down for the night.
So cute!!!

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