Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday edition of Have You Ever

My 5 readers will probably have me committed after this post. If they don't, they'll definitely say..."homegirl is losing it!" And technically, this the 1st edition of "Have You Ever", but "Friday Edition" sounds like something people always look forward to reading.


Have you ever...
Felt sorry for something that doesn't actually have feelings?
Oh well! I do.
So, here's my story.

When I was a little girl I had several favorite stuffed animals (lovies, as they are called now). I'd snuggle up with all of them at night. There were about six or seven of them. Every night as I'd be drifting off into dreamland, I'd have a few on either side of me. As a rule, my arms had to be stretched across each one of them. If not, I would feel sorry for the one(s) left out. I remember waking up and noticing the lone lovie and thinking, "awww, poor Puff-a-lump!"

I know it sounds weird, but times have not changed. I often find myself still doing that. In recent weeks it was over a plant that was given to us when Sambo was born. I have been nurturing this plant for almost 9 years. Now it looks like this...

We went to the beach and I returned to find it looking oh so sad and have not been able to revive it. I'm pretty sure it's a goner. Which really stinks because my goal was to give it to Sam when he bought his first home.

Back to my point...
I have found myself feeling sorry for the dumb plant!!!! Does it feel neglected and sad? How will it feel on the trash pile? Perhaps I shouldn't feel sorry for it at all. Maybe it was relieved to get out of this crazy house and move onward to plant heaven.

Then today, I was eating baby carrots and hummus for a snack and it brought more feelings of sympathy (if that's even possible, because i'm the only one with feelings). Not because I was eating the carrots, but because of this...

The poor abnormally long carrot in the bag of baby carrots. I wonder how it must have felt. That is, if it could feel.

On a different note...
School starts back on Monday!! So hopefully I will regain some sanity and you will no longer have to read posts like this. ;-)

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clare said...

I once felt bad for an avocado at the grocery store because it was so tiny and bruised and I knew nobody was going to buy it.