Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hives and Chiggers and Ticks...Oh my!

for the past few days ollie has been waking up with red splotches after naps and in the mornings, but they go away later in the day. on Sunday i snapped a pic and sent it to the amazing dr. laura. she recommended that we we come in...it could be strep, it could just be viral. so we reported to her office as scheduled on Monday morning.

this is my geographically rashy little Ollie. poor buddy!!

sambo just returned from camp for the first time ever this past weekend!!! (look for that post soon). love his heart, he's covered in chigger bites and I thought I'd get her to check those out too.

as we are sitting in the waiting room he asks "mommy, is there something behind my ear." uuuuummmmmm, gross!!!! it's a tick!!!!!!!

i left ollie and fu to fend for themselves in the waiting room and walked over to the nurses station to see if they could help me get it off. fortunately, it hadn't burrowed under his skin yet. sam is terrified of medical procedures...any tests, needles, tweezers, tongs, and long q-tips completely freak him out. he loses all color in his face and lips, he begins shaking nervously, and asking a barrage of questions. i just LOVE him for it. i don't like all that stuff either, never did!

so as we go ewwww!, he's thinking, hello people!!! i've got to get this thing off my ear. brave little sambo wastes NO time and plucks the tick off with his bare hands. then, THROWS IT ON THE DARK CARPETED FLOOR!

the nurses and i are cracking up as we crawl around trying to recover the microscopic tick! somehow, we seem to always create some kind of commotion in that office.

dr. laura walks out and says, "uhhhhh, Claud. what are you doing crawling around the office?" sam replies, "dr. laura, i had a tick but got it off and i threw it on the floor!!" (to jump on someone else!!!)

i decided to leave the investigation to the nurses and go back to check on ollie and fu. i close the door and within seconds i hear this...

poor deanna de-ticking the office. we like to leave a mark, ya know!

as for ollie, it's just hives and will go away soon. as for sambo, the chigger bites are fine and the tick wasn't on him long enough to do any damage. which means it probably got on him in the car and that in came home in his camp stuff. sick!!!!

an extremely thorough car de-ticking is in order!!!

only the bakers...only the bakers.

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Virginia Peacock said...

I had to laugh about this! I just talked to the fabulous Dr Laura today and dealt with a child with hives AND another with a tick bite! Hang in there Claudia! It will get better!!!

Sue said...

Girl it sounds like you've been visiting Andrews...except we call chiggers "red bugs" :) My boys are like magnets for them but my husband has NEVER had one. Weird! Life is so much fun with boys!!