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Survey Sunday Date Night Results

Survey Sunday----Date Night results!!!

1. Are you...
Married 82.4%
Single (casually dating) 5.9%
Single (in a serious relationship) 11.8%

2. On your date night, are you most likely to...
have a date night in 29.4%
have a date night out 70.6%

3. In your opinion, what constitutes a date?
dinner (maybe a movie too) as a couple 43.8%
dinner and/or drinks with another couple(s) 6.3%
any time we get out of the house without the littles! 50.0%
a trip to Target/Lowes with your honey 0.0%

4. Does attending a party or event count as a date night?
Yes. We take what we can get! 47.1%
No. That's an obligation...not a date. 29.4%
Yes, only if it's something
you've paid to attend (gala, concert, etc.) 23.5%

5. How frequently do you go on a date with your significant other?
4+x per month 12.5%
2-3x per month 18.8%
1x per month 37.5%
every 2 months 12.5%
every quarter 12.5%
every 6 months 6.3%
maybe once a year 0.0%

6. How long do your date nights last?
2 hours or less 23.5%
3-4 hours 58.8%
5+ hours 11.8%
overnight 5.9%

7. Do you hire a babysitter?
Yes, all the time! 23.5%
Only occasionally. 47.1%
No, the grandparents/relatives love to help! 17.6%
No, we trade with friends. 5.9%
Not applicable 5.9%

8. How much do you pay your sitters?
$12+ per hour 17.6%
$10 per hour 58.8%
$8 per hour 0.0%
<$7 per hour 5.9%
We don't have to!!!!! 11.8%
Not Applicable 5.9%

9. Excluding the cost of a sitter, how much do you shell out on a good date?
<$30 5.9%
$40-50 29.4%
$60-75 35.3%
$100+ 29.4%

10. (Optional) Describe your best/ideal date night. Do you have any cheap-tricks to a great date night? (Not many people responded to this but I'll post the few who did)...
The karate studio, where the boys go, has movie night once a month. That's usually our date night. It's almost like cheating, not having to find a babysitter. But it's worth it for our sanity!

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We did the ABC's of dating game and it was fun and creative. We went to Al's Upstairs for appetizers for our first date. I think we made it up to F. :)
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dressing up and going to dinner and drinks and just hanging out enjoying each others company. Wish there were cheap tricks. How about getting another couple you could babysit co-op with?
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Having a child who can babysit!
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We check out groupon deals and coupons from resturant.com to help keep the cost down on date nights.
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To be fair, our sitter only stays until 8:30 (once Littles are in bed-- we have the luxury of my mother being the warm body in the house while they sleep). Thus, it is only $30 for the sitter. We usually do dinner, and it varies from dives (cheap) to grand dinners (expensive). Some of my favorite dates have been pool halls. I loved Publick House with S*****, and we frequented a joint while we were in Texas. I ALWAYS dress for the occasion-- even if it is a casual shootin' pool date. Another fave: Target at 9pm, especially after a drink. Target + booze+ the one you love= Young Silliness. One final memorable date: S***** and I were both sick, but we refused to ditch Date Night; we went and got Sonic and a BB movie and watched it in our hidden driveway in the back of the Suburban. It's the getting away and having your Rock all to yourself that keeps it all together-- and the icing is coming home and kissing the sleeping angels. Bliss.
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