Wednesday, March 23, 2011

trying to win this...

it has been ages since we had a family portrait done. to be exact, it was back in 2006 for our church directory and it was terrible. we now have precious little oliver and sam and fulton have gotten sooooo big. i think we are long over due. so i'm really hoping i win!
wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i've gotten a couple of emails from people who miss me!!!!
it's always nice to know you're missed. so by 2 of my 5 readers...i'm missed!

well. the last couple of weeks have been completely cah-ra-zy.

some fun-ness.
some busy-ness.
some scariness.

so i'll try to get you up to date...

not last week but the week before, my mom went in for some medical tests and ended up having a pretty big surgery. blogging was the absolute last thing on my mind. i am happy to report that she's doing great and getting back to herself. so needless to say... i continue to "rejoice always [and] pray without ceasing"- 1 thessalonians 5:16-17. i am incredibly thankful for very VERY smart doctors. GOD is so very good!

it is that time of year when people start planning those fun outdoor parties and getting ready for weddings. for me, that means cranking out some really cute invitations. i just love designing for clients. it is so much fun!
i have lots of new designs to post, but first...i have GOT to think of a new name for my business. i may do a survey so y'all can vote on it. (you know i love me a survey).

the reason for wanting to change? i chose the Letter Bugz name waaaaaaay back in '02 when i was embroidering monogrammed gifts and doing personalized stationery---all the time. since i have pretty much moved over to doing custom invitations and party packs, i kinda want to change it. i'm wondering if i should bag my website all-together and go straight blog while i'm at it. i rarely have online purchases any more. mostly, i get emails for design requests and send paypal bills. sooooo... i just don't know...

this past weekend, i went to the beach with these people...

i love them!! we usually make our annual trip with kids in tow but this time we decided to go sans littles!!! they provided a weekend full of comic relief and fellowship for this tired-out ol' momma. this is the first time shan and i have been away by ourselves in SIX...yes, i said 6...YEARS...yes, i said years.. it was much needed and appreciated. the best part was sleeping in until 10:30!

and when i finally woke up, i threw back the curtains to see this...

the peaceful marsh of edisto.

the weekend of r&r made me thankful for fantastic friends and our beautiful coast, my precious husband who i don't get to spend near enough time with, my sweet boys who were so excited to see us after a measly 48 hours, and for shan's parents who kept them safely and soundly while we were away, and for my parents who kept sweet dixie from being lonely (this was our first trip away since we lost linus).

any who... that's what's been bakin'
the manager

Saturday, March 05, 2011

This week in review...

Rewind to last weekend...
We had the pleasure of being invited to the private club called "Da Playroom" to attend a well-rehearsed production by The Baker Dance Company. It was pure hilarity!!! The boys performed dances (learned at school in PE) to the Cupid Shuffle, Cha-Cha Slide, Macarena, & Chicken Dance. Here are a couple of highlights...

Well, it has officially started. Baseball season. It's the time of year when I'll be eating, sleeping, and breathing baseball. This spring, I will be taking up a temporarily-permanent residence out at the PBL. Sam is in his 4th year (2nd year Coaches Pitch) and Fulton is in his 1st year (T-Ball). Their games and practice times are all over the agenda! I can't even imagine what it will be like when Oliver starts playing!!! We are looking forward to it though. They have great kids and parents on their teams, so it makes for a fun social outlet for mommy too.
I'll see ya at the ball field!
(Sorry for the white pictures...Still trying to figure out the settings on my camera.)

Ollie was content throwing rocks into a nearby mud puddle.

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss...

In honor of a special Dr.'s birthday
The preparation for a celebration
Was getting underway

The menu was planned with care, you see
A breakfastical fare for our family

Thing 1 & Thing 2 whipped, whirred, and stirred
Following each step word-for-word

 A few drops of magic...Ka-boom, Chic-a-bam 

A platter was full with GREEN EGGS & HAM (...and waffles)

That Sam-I-Am, Thing 1 & Thing 2
They tried it. They tried it.
They liked it. It's true!

We brought to life a classic fable
And gobbled it up at our kitchen table.

Happy Birthday, Dr.Seuss is what we say
We enjoyed celebrating in a Seussical Way!

Friday, March 04, 2011

The view from my perch

Speaking of Date Night...

Who needs a date night when you've got this kinda romance goin' on????

This has become our regular meeting spot. The sofa. We watch DVR'd shows and click-clack the night away on our laptops. Sometimes we really jazz things up... we have a conversation via facebook while sitting next to each other. WOW!!! That's HOT I know!

We actually look forward to our 2-3 hours of mindless interaction each night. Who wouldn't when you have a super cute and sweet hubby to snuggle up next to?!?!

The song Ebony and Ivory comes to mind, only, a techno-remix of the classic...

Dell and Toshiba...Go together as you sit on the sofa
Side by side on our laptops, keyboards, oh lord! Why don't we?


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Survey Sunday Date Night Results

Survey Sunday----Date Night results!!!

1. Are you...
Married 82.4%
Single (casually dating) 5.9%
Single (in a serious relationship) 11.8%

2. On your date night, are you most likely to...
have a date night in 29.4%
have a date night out 70.6%

3. In your opinion, what constitutes a date?
dinner (maybe a movie too) as a couple 43.8%
dinner and/or drinks with another couple(s) 6.3%
any time we get out of the house without the littles! 50.0%
a trip to Target/Lowes with your honey 0.0%

4. Does attending a party or event count as a date night?
Yes. We take what we can get! 47.1%
No. That's an obligation...not a date. 29.4%
Yes, only if it's something
you've paid to attend (gala, concert, etc.) 23.5%

5. How frequently do you go on a date with your significant other?
4+x per month 12.5%
2-3x per month 18.8%
1x per month 37.5%
every 2 months 12.5%
every quarter 12.5%
every 6 months 6.3%
maybe once a year 0.0%

6. How long do your date nights last?
2 hours or less 23.5%
3-4 hours 58.8%
5+ hours 11.8%
overnight 5.9%

7. Do you hire a babysitter?
Yes, all the time! 23.5%
Only occasionally. 47.1%
No, the grandparents/relatives love to help! 17.6%
No, we trade with friends. 5.9%
Not applicable 5.9%

8. How much do you pay your sitters?
$12+ per hour 17.6%
$10 per hour 58.8%
$8 per hour 0.0%
<$7 per hour 5.9%
We don't have to!!!!! 11.8%
Not Applicable 5.9%

9. Excluding the cost of a sitter, how much do you shell out on a good date?
<$30 5.9%
$40-50 29.4%
$60-75 35.3%
$100+ 29.4%

10. (Optional) Describe your best/ideal date night. Do you have any cheap-tricks to a great date night? (Not many people responded to this but I'll post the few who did)...
The karate studio, where the boys go, has movie night once a month. That's usually our date night. It's almost like cheating, not having to find a babysitter. But it's worth it for our sanity!

2/21/11 9:56AM View Responses

We did the ABC's of dating game and it was fun and creative. We went to Al's Upstairs for appetizers for our first date. I think we made it up to F. :)
2/21/11 2:59PM View Responses

dressing up and going to dinner and drinks and just hanging out enjoying each others company. Wish there were cheap tricks. How about getting another couple you could babysit co-op with?
2/21/11 4:01PM View Responses

Having a child who can babysit!
2/21/11 8:07PM View Responses

We check out groupon deals and coupons from to help keep the cost down on date nights.
2/22/11 2:47AM View Responses

To be fair, our sitter only stays until 8:30 (once Littles are in bed-- we have the luxury of my mother being the warm body in the house while they sleep). Thus, it is only $30 for the sitter. We usually do dinner, and it varies from dives (cheap) to grand dinners (expensive). Some of my favorite dates have been pool halls. I loved Publick House with S*****, and we frequented a joint while we were in Texas. I ALWAYS dress for the occasion-- even if it is a casual shootin' pool date. Another fave: Target at 9pm, especially after a drink. Target + booze+ the one you love= Young Silliness. One final memorable date: S***** and I were both sick, but we refused to ditch Date Night; we went and got Sonic and a BB movie and watched it in our hidden driveway in the back of the Suburban. It's the getting away and having your Rock all to yourself that keeps it all together-- and the icing is coming home and kissing the sleeping angels. Bliss.
2/24/11 5:47AM View Responses