Sunday, February 13, 2011


* In case you're wondering about the not-so-normal-for-what's bakin' music's a tribute to my sweet dog, Linus, who I wrote about in an earlier post. I'll change it when I'm feeling a little more spunky.*

Ok. I am going to try something new with my blog.

But first...

I'll tell you a little confession. I was in the car with my momma the other day. I was driving. She noticed my neck breaking as I turned to look at every couple of houses. She said, "Honey, what are you doing?" I said, "I'm looking in people's carports and garages. I like to see how people live and what kinds of "stuff" they keep." I went on to tell her that I like riding by a well-lit, open house at night and seeing how people decorate. I wonder what they're doing and what they might be eating for supper.

So close your blinds...I just might be on the prowl ;-).

As I was eating supper out with my peeps the other night and our bill was being totaled, I wondered how much the average family of 5 spends on a meal out... and NOT on kids-eat-free night. I feel as though my family spends more than necessary when we eat out. It then led me to wondering if our grocery/food budget was average... and so on.

So, to satisfy my curiosity about "how people live" and to allow myself a little peek into the way others do things, I've decided to do random (maybe weekly) surveys for all FIVE people who read my blog.

Most of y'all know I'm a sucker for a survey... especially an anonymous one! No, I have not joined the Census! I'm just curious.

So this week's survey is on FAMILY DINING!!!!

All answers are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. If you have any comments or suggestions for my 5 readers, then I'd love it if you'd leave those below!

The survey will close on Wednesday and I'll attempt to deliver a report at some point, but no promises.

Welcome to the very first edition of...

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Heidi said...

WHAT a great survey! Can't wait to hear the results! I'm so cheap when it comes to eating out. Our family of five, drinking water spends at least $50 dollars... even if it's just a pizza place!!!! INSANE! That's half a buggy full of groceries. So we do not eat out that much at all! I'm an awful planner, so my grocery bill is higher because of my un-organized shopping! I need a blog to help with that! Can't wait to hear the results!

**And, so sorry to hear about Linus!

Amanda said...

i answered 30-35 for eating out but that's a fast food restaurant. if we eat out at a nice sit down restaurant, it can be close to $80. so that's why we don't go out often.