Thursday, February 10, 2011

Farewell Linus

dear linus,

you'll never know how heavy my heart is right now. my eyes are so cried out that my contacts have a haze over them. everywhere i look in the house i see something that reminds me of you. we are going to miss you so very much, sweet little friend. we were so blessed to have loved you all these years. you were no trouble EVER and a delight to have around. ALWAYS.

when we adopted you in your 5th year, i never imagined that you would be with us for TWELVE.  you definitely lived your life to the fullest. you were certainly a lucky dog too. your favorite game was when we'd play "tough guy" and you certainly proved to be one. you survived being hit by a car not once, but TWICE! you lived next door to mom and dad then and i just knew you were a goner and that dixie would really miss her "prom date". you survived a couple of doozie infections that i thought were going to take you out. BUT no! you persevered and lived a very long happy life with us. we were looking forward to celebrating your 17th birthday very soon. you had surpassed the life expectancy by several years and in human years you'd be almost 119 years old!

thank you for making me smile. thanks for being dixie's best friend. she already seems lost without you and you've only been gone for several hours. thanks for being the butt of so many jokes that we will laugh about for years to come. thanks for being so loyal and for seeing me through so many tough times. thanks for being excited each time we brought another baby home. you so humbly took the backseat with dixie, yet continued to love us unconditionally. when you came to live with us you were wearing a tag that said "good dog" and that my precious little linus, you were... a good dog. we all loved you so much!!!!

i have a hard time accepting that pets are the beasts of burden, but i know that God has a special place for your little soul. i hope you are now at "the rainbow bridge", running in a beautiful, sunny field with your fluffy snow-white coat blowing in a warm breeze. you deserve it, sweet doggie.

i'll miss you, sweet boy!



 trying out the crib for sambo in 2002

 Christmas 2008

scrapbook picture 2001

Christmas 2000


CTBaker in The Acres said...

Beautiful tribute, Claudia, for a very special family member. I will miss the sweet little fella!

Helen Johnson said...

Oh I am numb right now after reading. And I am feeling so sad for little Dixie too. We will miss Linus! He was an icon of the Tronco/Baker family. xoxoxo

Amanda said...

Sorry for your loss. :(

Deborah McKinney said...

Oh, how blessed Linus was to be a part of your beautiful family! You made me smile reading this. I am so lucky to have been able to give Linus to you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

bevy said...

How are your sweet boys holding up???

Unknown said...

Oh, Claudia, what a wonderful tribute to Linus. You've got me cryin' my eyes out! How lucky he was to have such loving people, doggies and children around him. Giving Linus to you may be, hands down, the best decision I ever made (Deborah, understandably, didn't want me too). I've know doubt you're a wonderful mother, Claudia and I thank you from the bottom of my heart - for taking such wonderful care of Linus; such a sweet and lovable creature. You're the BEST Claudia, and I shall always keep linus, you and your family in my heart.
My best, Carol Oropallo