Saturday, January 15, 2011

Potty Talk with Fulton

I am telling you! Fulton Baker needs to be a talk show host or something. But it would have to be held in a bathroom.That is where we have some of our best conversations...while he sits on the toilet, pondering life's big questions. He can strike up great conversations and keep them going with all kinds of twists and turns. He'd keep the attention of a studio audience any day!!! Tonight, as I sat on the side of the tub waiting for him to be "finished", he started chattin' it up with me as usual.

Here's the script:

Fulton: Mommy, do you have any stories about that man they call "The King"?

Me: You mean Jesus? Sure! We have lots of stories about Him.

(Some people would have thought Elvis. But I didn't...weird. Any who...)

Fulton: No! "The King" that changed the world a long time ago!!!

Me: Yeah, Jesus. Sometimes He is called The King.

Fulton: No! It was a king.

Me: Oh! King Herod? The wise men/The 3 Kings?

Fulton: Huh, The 3 Kings?

Me: Yeah like the 12th night celebration/3 Kings Day/The Epiphany...You know how we wait after Christmas for 12 days for the wise men to get to baby Jesus.

(Now we're both totally confused)

Fulton: No! You know! The King who changed the world and got shot.

Me: OOOOOOH!!!!!!! Martin Luther King, Jr. I don't have any stories about him but I can tell you what I know about him.

Fulton: Yeah! That's who I'm talking about.

Me: He was a very important person. He was not a king but his last name was King. He wanted everyone to be treated the same, regardless of how they look or where they come from. We can talk more about him when you get in bed.
Now, are you ready to get off the potty?

Fulton: No. I'm waiting on the Epiphany.

(Wait. WHAT?????)

I just left the bathroom laughing hysterically and said "Ok! Tell me when it's the Epiphany." Any who...look for him on TV station in your area...someday.



Allison said...

hysterical. can lawson be on his show with him?

Bunco Belle said...

Oh dear....he definitely needs a show. He cracks me up.