Monday, January 31, 2011

Never a dull moment...

Over the years you may (or may not) have read my posts about living in the house with these crazy boys. It truly is the looney bin, but Gosh!!! I love these little guys! They add so much fun and excitement to each day. I am constantly entertained.

A couple of crazy things have happened in recent days that have had me reflecting on a few What's Bakin'? classics...

This all leads me to Why I am NEVER on time... Ya know, they pick the most inopportune times to do weird things. It has nothing to do with planning in advance. Trust me. I try! This stuff just happens!!! 

So, we were all showered dressed and ready to walk out the door the other day. I have been giving Fulton more Independence; not nagging for him to hurry up and giving him ample time to be successful in being in charge of himself. The clock was ticking and we were all waiting. I called up to him and asked if he was almost ready. He said he was in the bathroom and would be down in a second. He comes downstairs fully dressed...he had even accessorized!
He had the propeller of the "Subbies" tub toy (found at Kligg's Kite's at the Holiday Market) tangled in his hair! It was dangling from his hair when he came a big blue dread lock!!!!

Here it is up close. I tried my best to unwind it, but no such luck. I ended up cutting it.

Then, the other day as we are getting ready for church, I called to Sam in the den and asked if he was ready. He said "Yes ma'am!" I said, "good job, bud! Thanks for hurrying and being responsible..." And I walked around the corner to find Sam putting on his shoes.
with his pajama pants still on!!!!!!

"Sam!!!!", I said.
"Are you ready?"
"You are? What do you have on?"
He looked down..."Oops."
So off the shoes and PJ pants went. On went the khakis, belt and shoes (again).

Never a dull moment.

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Amanda said...

haha this sounds like my house with my boys.