Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My 2011 Ambush Make-over

I was so excited to learn that I had been selected for a 2011 Ambush Make-over.

I was contacted around 8 pm on New Years Day.

They told me I was the perfect candidate and begged me to agree to the opportunity.

Thoughts ran through my head...
"Will they color my hair?"
"Will they make me wear eyeliner?-I don't like eyeliner"
"Will they give me a short 'do?"
"I can't wait for the transformation!"
"Will Shannon like it?"
"Will I like it?"
"Will I cry at the big reveal?"

Although I was filled with skepticism of what the stylists would do with me, I was equally excited about being chosen.

Sam and Fulton just giggled and squealed when I told them I had decided to go through with it.

After all, why was I worried...I am in the hands of the best stylists around!!!!

Here I am before...







My hair was not short
They DID use eyeliner
The color had not changed
There was LOTS of blush and Lipstick

The After shot
(Sorry for the 30-day-drunk mug shot...the photographer was terrible)

 And here I am with my stylists
World Renown make-up and hair artists
Samboritzsky and Fu-Fu Bunny

They laughed hysterically the entire time. When Sam got out the eyeliner and said "Now where can I put this?", I almost wet my pants! They couldn't wait for Shannon to see me. It made my night...and theirs too.


Amanda said...

oh you look lovely! great jb they did. lol :)

Allison said...

hysterical. you are such a fun mommy:) and some very talented kiddos you have there!

lindler5 said...

you had better go ahead & make up some business cards for those boys... they have a bright future in styling ahead of them!!

Heidi said...

Absolutely hysterical! I had to read it twice!