Sunday, January 09, 2011

Bilzzard(s) 2010 & 2011=Total Hilarity

As a southerner, snow is surely not something we see frequently. So I especially love that we got an amazing Christmas bonus this year with a beautiful snowy day on the 26th of December. It seemed odd but felt so right at the same time.
Fulton packing a snowball with Sam's name on it!

I love the action shot of Fulton trying to get away.

OOOPS! Poor Ollie got pegged in the face as I ducked out of the way. Sorry, Little buddy!

We took the boys to Muzzy's to frolic in the snow, as our tree-filled yard doesn't get the blanket that her yard does. They enjoyed their snowball fights and building a mini-snowman (shoman as Ollie says). The snow was so soft that our snowman didn't hold up so well...we made it a snow-stool.

We tried. It just wouldn't stick.

Ollie taking a rest on the snow stool

My Snow Bunnies! thanks goodness Muzzy had an extra pair of gloves. Sam's got wet in a hurry with all the snowball making.

Even though I am more of a summertime gal, I welcome the snow whenever it comes. I don't usually play into the pre-snowfall hype because we frequently get disappointed. But in December and back in February '10 we were pleasantly surprised.

So today, as I am on the phone with my mom, she is telling me about all the prep-work she and my dad were doing "just in case."  And I asked, "are we really having a winter storm?", as I had not been watching the weather reports. She told me they are calling for 1-2 inches of snow (I can hear all of you in the states above us laughing right now) tonight and then turning into sleet/ice tomorrow, which could make it pretty nasty and cause us to lose power. WOW! I guess I should pay attention to the forecasters...right?

She mentioned she had already picked up a few staples, which reminded me that we too needed a few things. I decided to go ahead and make my weekly grocery list and head to the store with Ollie-bird.

As I drove to my usual grocery stop, The Pig on Forest, it hit me. This is real!!!

Grab your milk, your bread, your batteries, your eggs, and your propane tanks."

Ok...not really but you can only imagine the sight in "The Acres" of South Cackalacky.

Our ONE city snow plow truck (a.k.a. Bessie, as Shannon and I named her last year) is parked off Forest Drive, ready for action. The stores are packed!!!! The Pig-packed, CVS-packed, Eckerds-packed, Publix-packed, and it was then I decided I needed a good laugh. I took it a step further and went to WALMART...WHERE HILARITY ENSUES!!!!!

When I pulled up, there was no where to park. When I got inside, the lines were backing up into the apparel department. I was talking to a friend on the phone who said "you are a glutton for punishment." That I am!
As I was checking off my weekly shopping list this is some of what I saw...

 UMMMM...It's snow, not the apocalypse.

And SOLD to the girl in the black coat with the cute baby boy!
I celebrated in front of all the anxious customers because I managed to get the last container of skim milk. I could see the envy in their eyes. (AH HA HA HA!!!)

 I guess everyone wanted to get a head start on dying eggs for Easter. Hmmmmm?

Can't a girl just get some Frosted Flakes ("Snow" Flakes as Fulton calls them)????

Fortunately, I did BOGO on bread last week at the Pig, so I didn't need it this time. But rumor has it, that section was wiped out too. I tried my best to snap a photo of the couple with the cooler, 2 cases of beer and something resembling a mini generator, but it looked a little obvious when I was aiming at their cart and Ollie was saying "cheeeeeeeese". Wouldn't wanna get snowed in without your Busch Light. Oh! and I almost got into a fight with a non-English speaking person over the last box of regular Goldfish. I explained to her that she can have the colored ones...but she still wanted mine.

Any who. Our school district cancelled school for tomorrow by 6pm. All city offices were closed by 10pm.  I may end up eating my words about the forecast and that's fine, but the panic just cracks me up! Every time.

Here's to everyone having fun in whatever the weather may be on our day off tomorow!!!



bevy said...

It's gorgeous! Let the milk sandwich feast begin!

Amanda said...

thats crazy how bare the shelves got because of a little bit of snow. unfortunally we get lots of snow here.

Leslie Kirk said...

You crack me up! Haha...literally laughed out loud about the eggs!