Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NEW favorite blogger

Today, I came upon this blog from a link that a friend posted on Facebook. I love this girl! Amy Morrison of The Pregnant Chicken had me in stitches. My mom, Shannon, and I laughed so hard that we cried...several times. Those of us who have ever been pregnant (and our spouses who went through it with us) can so appreciate where she's coming from. She writes the things we all think and puts it in the words we'd love to be able to reel off! She's my new favorite blogger! Even though we have now moved beyond having babies, I can't wait to read her next posts!

A few favorite posts so far are:

Awkward Pregnancy Photos ---WARNING: Have tissues and depends undergarments handy

About Me ---I LOOOOOOVE honest people

Boobie Beenie ---Absolutely Priceless

The Fourth Trimester ---You know you've thought all of this

Any who...Just wanted to introduce you to Amy (a.k.a. The Pregnant Chicken)

Happy reading!


Amanda said...

wow thanks for shring. i really liked the The Fourth Trimester post. could really relate to that post since my youngest is 3 months.

bevy said...

Those pictures are hysterical! I told a girl I work with about them, and she says she knows this tacky couple who would have fit right in...

Heidi said...

HONESTLY this is the FUNNIEST thing I have EVER seen!! My husband and I have laughed and laughed!