Friday, December 24, 2010

A Magical Night

Doesn't Christmas Eve seem magical?

It seems surreal and magical to me when I think about...

  • An event which took place over two-thousand years ago that changed the world forever
  • The amount of faith the parents of this precious baby must have had on their journey
  • The feeling of being humbled when I listen to the Gospel at church (Luke 2)
  • The lyrics to the hymns we sing in church- ESPECIALLY, Hark the Herald and Away in a Manger
  • The beautiful glow and coziness of our sweet church
  • The quietness of the usually bustling streets
  • The overwhelming feeling of gratitude I have for the things that really matter
  • The AMAZING behavior of my children, which makes me wish every day was December 24th
  • How no matter what my level of anxiety is, the second I walk into my parents home I feel like a care-free child again on Christmas Eve
  • How giddy my boys get when I read "South Carolina Night before Christmas"
  • How paralyzed with anticipation they get when I read "T'was the Night before Christmas"
  • How awe-struck and solemn they become when I read the The Christmas Story from their children's Bible
  • How blessed I feel to be sharing the Santa experience with my best friend of 18 years
  • The bizarre feeling of comfort I get from hearing the voice of James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life
  • The feelings of relief and appreciation I have when I look under the tree and see that we were blessed enough to be able to provide for our loved ones yet another Christmas
I'm so thankful that we had a relaxing evening and yummy dinner at mom's tonight after church. I'm looking forward to spending Christmas day with my boys in the morning and my mom's side of the family at mom and dad's tomorrow for dinner. And we had a great night at the lake with Shannon's family last night. But most of all, I absolutely cannot wait to see the excitement on my boys' faces tomorrow morning, as they experience some of the same magic!!!
So, here's to wishing your Christmas is as magical as it should be!
Christmas Eve dinner with Muzzy and Boppa (and the reindeer???)
At the lake with the Baker cousins

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