Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Music...Questionable

As I was puttering around town today, I was enjoying watching the shoppers rushing "home with their treasures". I had my radio tuned into a non-stop holiday station. And in between "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "Little Drummer Boy" the most depressing songs were played. One Last Christmas and Christmas Shoes. HOLY COW! They truly made me contemplate becoming a self-made homeless person and giving up everything or even worse, just driving into a tree, as I was filled with guilt, sorrow, and hopelessness. I was so distraught after listening to the songs! There is NO WAY they motivate anyone, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, or prepare our children for a celebration! When I heard these songs I counted my blessings and thanked the Lord, but I don't know how in the world these can be considered Christmas songs.

The Christmas season should be a time of joy, generosity, and preparation for the celebration of Jesus's birthday! RIGHT??? Shouldn't the song lyrics reflect that???

I am a music lover (all kinds)! I am a Christian who just loves being in the true spirit of Christmas and celebrating the greatest gift we've ever been given. I feel the above credentials make me qualified to give this critique. I mean, seriously!!! Don't we want people to be moved in a positive way? Not blubbering down Forest Drive, sad and depressed because you can't change these pitiful situations, and you can't help everyone. If you want sappy Christmas songs, that's fine! I actually like several sappy tunes. But there are plenty that have great seasonal messages. They're beautiful, you can sing along, they send chills down your spine, and you feel uplifted after hearing them. A few of my sappy faves are:
  • Here with Us by Joy Williams (Those of you who have been following me over the years know that I post it every year at this time) which tells the story of the birth of our Savior
  • Happy Christmas by the amazing John Lenon which promotes peace and love for others
  • I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns sending another message of peace and change of heart
  • Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant is the a beautiful song telling the story of Mary
  • Welcome to Our World by various artists is a simple and sweet song about the anticipation of Jesus's birth and a message of hope
I am so not trying to be a Scrooge. Nor, do I want to devalue the plights of others. I enjoy helping and giving to others. If I can't physically or financially help, I ALWAYS lift those people in prayer. However, on the flipside I try to stay uplifted, hopeful, and festive myself for my own little family. And some of the popular tunes just ain't cuttin' it for me.
Any who...for what it's worth. Merry Christmas and for your listening pleasure I have posted my playlist with my Christmas favorites! Enjoy!!!


bevy said...

Between you and Mary Douglass, I've been I spired to write my own perspective on Christmas music... It'll be out today.

GREAT seeing you Friday night!

Allison said...

Ok, so I am sitting in my jamamas on the couch this morning. I tried to listen to your link for the first song and couldn't do it. I had to turn it off. Seriously. I am with you on that one.

But, I do know that God does want us to celebrate Jesus. Everyday. It is so HARD when we see others hurt or when we ourselves hurt. The beauty lies in The Cross. I am choosing to celebrate His life and the wonder of Him. Trusting that He has everyone in the Palm of His Hand.

Love you girl!

Unknown said...

I completely disagree. Both of these songs are about people reaching out to help others, just like Jesus would. While they are sad and make us think about something we all try to avoid thinking about, losing our loved ones, I think the message is a good one. Be thankful for your own blessings and remember that others may be going through painful things during the holiday season or any time during the year. While I do enjoy festive, uplifting music during the holidays, I also appreciate the songs that make me thank God that my family members are healthy and help me feel inspired to give to others, which I think is the clear message of these two songs.

CTBaker in the Acres said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for visiting! I DO agree with your interpretation of these 2 songs and the fact that they highlight uncomfortable subjects. My argument is not that I want to forget about those struggling during the holidays. It's that I'm not really sure whatelse they have to do with Christmas, other than their lyrical setting. They could very well be played any time of the year if their purpose is to remind us to reach out and help others. I listen to a local radio station all the time which constantly sends those subtle reminders but in a very uplifting way. And don't be confused! I ABSOLUTELY thank God for our blessed situation and the health of my loved ones. I even stated that in the post... "When I heard these songs I counted my blessings and thanked the Lord...".
I do whatever I can physically spiritually, and financially to help those in need...year-round. I simply published a post about the way those 2 particular songs bring me down during a time of great joy.

Cathy said...

good article, girlfriend! I totally agree with you. I love the happy, more upbeat Christmas music. But I do have to play my St Joseph choir's Festival of Lessons and Carols at least once to let out all of my stress and emotions, then I'm good to go!

Dorothy said...

Every time I hear that freakin' Christmas shoes song, I flip out and change the station! Oh, they even made a TV movie about it!

Heidi said...

OH, your post reminded me of a kid's Christmas cartoon I watched the other day. No sad, but SO inappropriate, I've got to remember the name. In a nutshell, one of Santa's reindeer has a one night stand and produces an illegitimate reindeer. SO-SO inappropriate!!