Saturday, November 13, 2010

new package, same great product

for the purpose of simplifying, i have decided to start using my what's bakin'? blog as my primary blog. i love doing practically put and will continue to write posts similar in nature. however, i originally started practically put with intentions of simplifying and organizing my chaotic life. i can blog about my organizational journey here, the same as i could there, and still blog about our family...all in one place. it was getting a tad difficult trying to keep a business blog, a personal blog, and a family blog. quite frankly...i was doing a lousy job.

so here i am. back at what's bakin'?. wholeheartedly.

for those of you new to what's bakin'?...welcome!

for those of you who have been stopping by since 2002 at our first what's bakin'? geocities site...thanks for continuing to share in our lives.

we hope you enjoy our new look and new links to the right. i hope you will check them out and come back to visit often.


1 comment :

Amanda said...

I am glad you posted on my blog that you were blogging here. I aws just thinking on friday that its been acouple weeks since you last posted. i love reading your practically put posts. I look forward to reading more :)