Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

you know by now (or maybe you don't) that i am a HALLOWEEN JUNKIE! it's my favorite time of year and i truly love all the festivities... the decorating, the parties, the weather, the pumpkin patches and pumpkin carving, the kiddies in costumes, and most of all creating our halloween ensembles!

we were fortunate to do all of the above again this year.

 the wild west in SC at the pine island carnival
 the cutest pony...ever
 ride 'em cowboys!!!
fulton actually stayed on for a VERY long time.
 sam was giggling so hard, he had a tough time hangin' in there. but it was a great laugh
 the spooky hayride (look at s's eyes)
they have people dressed up popping out of coffins, running through the woods with dry ice and spooky music. it's great. sam wouldn't quit looking over his shoulder long enough to take a picture!
 yum! a carnival isn't complete without cotton candy.
 halloween night...time to trick or treat. first stop...muzzy's!
i loooooove the single file line, all in order.
the southern children
(nothin' says sexy like a 6'2" man in a jon-jon)
and don't let him fool you...he loves dressing up as much as i do (almost). i actually got a number of complements on my homemade ensemble, especially my homemade puddle jumpers.
i told shan---dang! we would have had a cute little girl.
 the fam

 the precious trick-or-treators at the halloween party
 the most precious trick-or-treator of all.
 the couple from the 80's (love the authenticity)

i'm already looking forward to next year!

i'd love to hear about what you and yours did for halloween!


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