Tuesday, October 19, 2010


One can always hope and pray that they are raising COGNIZANT, THOUGHTFUL, CONSIDERATE, SOCIALLY "AWARE", EMPATHETIC, and SYMPATHETIC children. I look for teaching moments constantly by discussing feelings (good or bad) and asking them "how would you feel if...?"  I mean, don't they learn by example? Don't they pick up on awkward things that maybe they should let someone know? You know...things that a person can fix, like ketchup on their face, a zipper that's down, etc.  I wouldn't let them go to school or church with their pants on backwards or to school with 2 different shoes on. I know S & F are still young and I cut them a lot of slack, but I do expect them to recognize obvious things.

Well, the other day, we had been to the doctor and gotten the "you're so brave" sticker. Oliver chose a Thomas the Train sticker. I quickly removed the paper and stuck it right on his chest. He was wearing it with pride! We ran several more errands and I had to get Ollie in and out of his car seat. I went in Hobby Lobby, Target, and Walgreen's with all 3 in tow. Their behavior is not always the best, especially, after a few "boring" errands. So after some pleading, (Yes, I did it) I bribed them with a Yumilicious yogurt stop. We went in so they could claim their bribe...


Wait for it..

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

I was wearing the Thomas sticker on my left boob!!!!
(And I was sportin' my JLC t-shirt loud and proud. So if the organization gets labeled as a bunch of "flakes"...you can blame me!)

And for how long???...who knew???

When I noticed, I said, "HOLY COW!!!" And asked, "Guys, how long has mommy had this sticker on her chest?" Fulton nonchalantly said, "Oh, for a really long time, Mommy."

Mortified, I asked, "WHAT??? Like how long is a long time?"

Sam said, "since you put Ollie in the buggy at Hobby Lobby."

Did it not look a little odd to them?

Are they totally clueless?

Or am I totally failing at my job?

Or am I flawless to them?

Discuss (and laugh) amongst yourselves.

Practically Yours,


Margaret Hicks said...

Thank you. :)

Aaron R. said...

They are still young...there will come a day when they notice the boob, and their little stickers too!