Monday, August 23, 2010

Fulton goes to Big Boy School

Our sweet, kookie, big-little boy headed off to school today. I can't believe it's here! He seems way too little to be going to school from 7:30-2:30. It's such a long day! I said it when Sam went to school and my thoughts haven't changed...The time has gone so quickly. I wish I could stop it!!!
He did great this morning though. He was happy to be walking to school with big bro, Sam.
But I will so miss my fun afternoons with Fu-bird (MM2). We always had some play time with Oliver before his nap and then Fulton and I would get some time together. I really looked forward to it. Oliver and I will really miss his company and funny stories about his day.
This was a very hard drop off for me for some reason. I guess because Sam didn't start all-day school until 5k. Fulton's going a year earlier. UUHHG! He's so little and I'm going to miss the preschool that I've known for 6 years!!!
I have so many hopes for my little Fu.
I hope he will make great buddies, like the ones at KP. Thankfully, his best buddy Wright will be in his class and I think Fulton would be happy if that was the only kid in there. He LOVES Wright! 
I hope he takes advantage of rest time. He's going to need it!
I hope he learns oh so much. He's my little sponge and really enjoys learning!
I hope I have spent enough time with him being my middle-man. It's kinda hard sometimes to balance it all. I want him to feel like he got plenty of mommy time before I sent him off to big-boy school. Hello Mom guilt!
I hope he loves it and is as happy as he looked when we dropped him off.

I, on the other hand, probably didn't look so happy at drop off. I think I sobbed for an hour afterwards. I kept reminiscing about all the fun things we did together while Sam was at school and I was pregnant with Oliver and it was just the two of us. I thought about leaving the tiny sweet Jesus-Bubble preschool and going into a BIG classroom with lots of new rules and faces. Am I doing the right thing?

At this point it's in God's hands! I know He is holding Fulton in His palm and that everything will be just fine!!! Right?

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