Saturday, July 17, 2010

To Whom it May Concern, Some of you who have followed me before know that I love blogging! I find it to be therapeutic when I have the time. Well, I am back and I have a new blog in store! "Practically Put" is my documented, unscripted attempt to organize my home and my life! My hope is to feel somewhat free from all that weighs me down and keeps me and my family from living our lives as happily as we can. My goal is to conquer the bulk of it in a 45 days. Now, I'm not promising 45 consecutive days...this is me we're talking about! But I'm going to try my best. This is not necessarily going to be about de-cluttering or finally throwing away the unwanted gift I have stashed for quick display just in case the giver decides to stop by. This will be more about organizing information/schedules, maintenance/cleaning, finding homes for the things we use, and giving my family a sense of security that "mama's got it under control".
Let me debrief you on who and where I am. Back in October of 1974 (just kidding. that would be a BLOG all by itself)) forward a few years to July 2010 and what you see, is what you get... I am a God-fearing woman, wife to the cutest, sweetest guy I know (we'll call him "Yard Man"), mother of 3 adorable boys (we'll call them "Mini-Messer 1" (age 7), "Mini-Messer 2" (age 4), and "Mini-Messer 3" (age 18 mos.)), daughter of 1 set of parents, sister to 3 brothers, owner of 2 VERY OLD dogs (Dixie 14 and Linus 16), daughter in law to 1 set of parents, sister in law to 3, volunteer of the local Junior League and my church, member of the "Bunco Belles", and friend to several crazy women who are like the sisters I never had! With all that on my plate, I also have a few side-dishes from time to time...neighbor, homeroom mother, speech therapist, children's party-planner, stationery designer, NOW my new-found obsession...organizational junkie. Without all of the above I wouldn't be ME. These people and things are the fabric that make me who I am. However, with all these titles, obligations, and responsibilities come many events to be PUT on calendars, papers to be PUT in files, children to be PUT in cars, clothes, toys, and books to be PUT away, dinners to be PUT on tables, dogs to be PUT in the yard, numbers and emails to be PUT in my phone, trash to be PUT on the road, etc. So you get it! I, like most busy moms, find myself PUTTING stuff and people where they belong...all the time.
With the help of a few really good books written by "the experts" and "the written Word", I want to figure out a way that I can continue doing these things and taking care of loved ones and do it in the best way possible for me. I am learning as I go and hope to inspire someone else along the way. Maybe a few of you can offer some advice and tips worth trying. I hope you'll continue on this journey with me! You never know, it just might be what you've been looking for and you might be able to take something with you along the way---PRACTICAL tips/tricks, giveaways, and maybe even a good chuckle or two! I am not attempting to be entirely PUT (because that would make me perfect). I am not as awful as the people on that hoarding show but I'm just not quite "PUT". Being more PRACTICAL would suit me better and would bring me towards my ultimate goal of being "Practically Put"!

Practically Yours,
"The Manager"


Allison said...

You are awesome and I "heart" you:) The blog looks amazing and I can't wait to get MOtiVAted.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, thanks for doing this blog. I need to put your efforts to work at my house also.