Thursday, July 29, 2010


Tidy Friday [pronounced- Fridee] ;-)

"Organized" or not I have always enjoyed having a tidy house on Fridays. It sets a great tone for the upcoming weekend. When tidy, the house is ready for unexpected guests, or spur of the moment gatherings, or even better...just knowing it's neat and you won't have to mess with it over the weekend!!! I want to feel like I am ready to receive friends and family in comfort. An untidy home I feel is a reflection of how well I manage my responsibilities.

On my monster to-do list for today I included tidying. I made a quick list in addition to my to-do list of all that needed to be tidied. When it's broken down (to me) it looks a little less daunting.

#1 quick dusting with swiffer duster (up & down) (15)
#2 vacuum carpets (10)
#3 help boys fill bins w/out of place toys/books and put them in their homes (5)
#4 swivel sweep hardwoods & kitchen (not swiffer---"swivel") (5)
#5 wipe bathroom (down) (5)
#6 windex front door (even though it's a moot point b/c the Mini-Messers put their hands all over it 5 mins later...but I did it.) (2)
#7 Fluff throw pillows (2)

It only took about 45 min! I was shocked when I actually semi-timed myself. Looking at the addendum, I thought Wow! I've got my work cut out for me!!! But It wasn't that bad. So, even if it isn't deep cleaned, it's clean enough to not have to worry about if someone stops by or if we decide last minute to have friends over. Nor will I spend my entire weekend worrying about the need to tidy up (except for the TOYS maybe)!

Practical tip- Make a to-do list. Make and addendum and allocate a certain amount of time of each task. When you break it down it doesn't look as intimidating. And it's a little easier to hold yourself accountable.

Practically put- So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God. - Romans 14:12

Practically Yours,

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