Monday, May 24, 2010

Take me out to the ball game...

Well it's official! I am THAT mom.You know the the mini-van, driving kids all over town for various practices and games, living out of her car, spending nights and weekends on the ball fields. Ok so maybe I'm not QUITE that mom yet but I'm getting close!

So far we have a soccer loving Fulton---even though he doesn't really play. He just kinda runs up and down the field or sits on the side lines as good team player should. Fu played YMCA soccer for the 2nd year. He was on the rockets and his coach is a SAINT! (Thank you, Brandon. You have the patience of Job!) We have a Baseball playin' Sambo, which is great because it's my favorite sport---love it love it love it! He played on an awesome team this year. He had mostly 2nd year players who were very aggressive and serious about their game. (Next year might be a different story as Sam and a couple others will be the oldest on the team.) Any who, Sam and Fu both had great seasons.

Fulton's games were so hilarious I almost wet my pants a few times. Sam's games were so intense I actually had a panic attack at one of them!!! NO LIE!!!

The unbeatable ROCKETS!!!

A few of Sam's adorable teammates on Palmetto Prudential at the awards ceremony.

Sam doesn't look too thrilled in this shot but he actually was. I've never seen someone so proud of a team accomplishment. He slept with his trophies that night.

Harper (a.k.a. the deadliest man in baseball) and Sambo

2 game balls earned by Sam and 2 trophies, regular season champs and play-off champs!!!! Go Palmetto Prudential!!

Trouble in blue!!! Brooks, Wright, and Fulton

LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE!!!!! So proud of his trophy.

I think I'm gonna like this soccer/baseball mom thing. If I can just figure out the schedules then I'll be good to go. ;-)

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