Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What the HAIR??????

I can now say "I once had a mullet!!" No, I am not kidding. This is not photo-shopped. And yes, I actually went to my trusted hairdresser of a couple of years...unlike our last bad hair cut episode at CRAPPY CLIPS! I had to wear my hair pulled back in a clip for DAYS until I could get it fixed. I feel like my longer naturally blond hair was one of my ONLY good assets left. SO what's left... (don't answer that. this story is depressing enough as it is.)
This is how it went...
ME: Bonnie, could you cut a few whispy layers to blend my hormone hair in while it grows back? (Those of you who lost hair with babies know what I'm talking about.)
BONNIE: Sure hon. We'll fix it just right!
First chunk of hair goes...I think- Hmmmm, surely she knows what she's doing...
A few more snips...Holy Guacamole---It's a freakin' Mullet!
ME: Bonnie can you blend that a little more?
BONNIE: Sure. It does look like it kinds drops off doesn't it?
ME: Uh YEAH!!!
She proceeded to give me a few layers to "blend" the mullet.
I really do have the business in the front...the party in the back!!!!
My cousin (21) came to visit and in her valley girl dialect she says... "um, yeah that's like really baaaad. i think you're like outta luck til it grows out again. i mean...you like really have a mullet."
No I DID NOT go back to her to fix it.

1st-haircut = $30
2nd-haircut = $45
saying "i had a mullet" = priceless!!!!

Before that frightening day I had all-one-length past my shoulders blond locks!
I had to have about 6 inches cut to fix it and I know have bangs.
Oh my word!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Custom Easter outfits by Muzzy!!!
Crazy Boys!!! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a decent pic!!!???

Ollie lovin' his goodies

Sam- excited to see his baseball cards

Fu- excited about EVERYTHING!!!

A table full of goodies from the bunny!

Fu hunting for eggs with a FLASHLIGHT---What???

Sambo-racing for the Golden egg

Ollie found some too. Thanks Aunt T!!

Baker cousins

Dapper Sam
The Easter Bunny delivered Muzzy's bowties that she made

Dapper Fu

Ollie dying his very own Golden egg. Thanks for the help, Carson!

Ollie, Carson, Fu, and Sambo

I made marshmallow sheep for Fu's class. A perfect little reminder that the Lord is our shepherd and we are his sheep!
I put them in baggies with a little label I made.
And Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me."
John 10:14

Fu's adorable class at KP

Fu on his Easter Egg hunt
What an awesome season, EASTER! It's a time of Thanksgiving and renewal. It's a time to remember how fortunate we are to be loved by a merciful God who sent His only son to die so that we may be forgiven of our sins. I love Easter. It's a great time to make a fresh start in so many aspects of life. I am hoping the spring will hold many new opportunities for our family. And I am looking very forward to it!!!
This Easter season was hustling and bustling with egg hunts, an Easter carnival at pine island, egg dying, Easter outfit making with Muzzy and lots of good food and fun with our friends. We hope you and your family have the best spring EVER!
After all...The tomb is empty!!! He is risen indeed!!!