Saturday, February 20, 2010

snow day

anticipation caused us to cancel a beach trip. thank goodness it all worked out.
snow=cold. white. beautiful. laughter. smiles. fun. excitement!
it was a perfect weekend. quite a surprise for those of us down south. this is certainly not something we get to experience that frequently. the last time we had snow like this was when sam was just a few months old!
my mom and i made a quick trip to the store for the stuff to make us some chili...yum. it was flurrying and beginning to stick. when we came out the parking lot was covered! i couldn't wait to get home to see my boys play in it! we all stayed up late and drank hot chocolate and watched the opening ceremony of the winter olympics. we even camped out in the den and watched the snow fall all night.
it was such a nice treat for the boys to wake up to a yard covered in white. we spent the whole day playing outside. i just loved it!!!

carson and ollie watchin' the friday flurries

flurries starting to stick

making snowballs with accumulation from the yard toys

ollie...not so impressed

reminds me of narnia

fu and carson make snow angels

narnia in the day time

snow buddies

ollie...still not impressed

dixie on a jaunt

linus taking a trek

my snow-woman

shan taking fu on a ride down the hill in the backyard

fu takin' a trip

now sam's turn

redneck sighting #1- fu going down on a trash can lid

redneck sighting#2- sheet vinyl for a sled we nicknamed it the "mcsled"

redneck sighting #3- that's got bags for snow boots!

and i head downhill for a quick run on the mcsled

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Cathy said...

Dixie, walking the trail...mcsled and the snow woman...awesome and let's hear it for plastic bag snowboots!!!