Monday, March 22, 2010

facebook killed the blogger star

you might remember the song - video killed the radio star - well, i am writing a new version of that song for the new millennium - facebook killed the blogger star -. facebook has taken on a life of its own. serious bloggers blog regularly. really well-organized bloggers can facebook and blog regularly. and then there is me. i love blogging but facebook is faster for those of us who are time-management challenged. i have a love-hate relationship with facebook. i love it because i can quickly throw out a story, thought, or question and get almost immediate feedback, keep in touch with current and long lost friends and relatives, and post interesting pics of our hum-drum family happenings. i hate facebook because it is no longer the social network that is was originally. now you have to keep up with everyone's farms, mafias, fish, cafes, etc., REPEATED business fan page requests, spam friend requests, and most of all ----my inability to tell the world my stories in a single status update!!!!

whether or not you have missed my blogs is irrelevant. if you don't like them...don't read them. if you do...visit often and i may or may not have updated (and i thank you for stopping by). so, with that said...the blogger star is no longer dead. i am committed to blogging again. maybe not as regularly as before, but regardless...i am back!
stay tuned for my update post----NOVEMBER thru MARCH----yikes!! might take me a while.