Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oliver is ONE!!!!

Birthday Fun!

Waiting patiently

My Precious Boys

Oliver's homemade birthday ensemble!

Oh Happy Day! My precious baby Oliver turned one today! This year has been so much fun. The big boys have been unbelievably supportive and helpful. They are THE BEST big brothers anyone could ask for; loving, protective, entertaining and "educational"! As for Shannon and me, we have stayed tripley (is that a word?) busy, on the go, and prayerful- in thanksgiving and asking for strength!!!! WHOOOOOOO---Three is awesome but crazy!

I asked Sam and Fulton how we should celebrate---they know I'm a theme addict---so Sam suggested that since Ollie didn't have his own favorite colors that we should use his and Fulton's. Great idea!!!! Sam (red) and Fu (blue). So I searched high and low for the perfect birthday suit and couldn't find the "right one". So I tried my hand at my very first Jon-Jon and matching birthday hat. I don't think I did too shabby ;-).

The boys also suggested that we eat dinner at EVERY One-year-old's favorite place...THE MEXICAN RESTAURANT!!!! We invited a few of Ollie's favorite people to join us for dinner and cake and ice cream. He thought he was Mr. Big Stuff sitting in his high chair with his precious hat on. And he was over-joyed when he realized he was going to get to eat as much of his cake as possible.

He opened his gifts and played so excitedly. He had a great night! We were all worn out from the fun and the late night. We turned in thanking God for this little person and this year of joy, watching him grow into an adorable 1 year old.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Precious little Ollie-lu-jah!!!

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