Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A very busy October

october is a wonderful month. the sky is more beautiful in october than any other month. there is a crispness in the air. the leaves' colors are remarkable. and God's gifts to us seem more apparent than ever in the month ofoctober.
october gives us several reasons to rejoice every year. this year we had some little extras that just made the month extra special.

sambo turned SEVEN---yes, 7! on october 15th
he celebrated with several of his buddies with a football pizza party and sleep-over. i took some precious pics but my good camera was stolen at the fair. (i now have to resort to my ghetto camera and cell phone) any who...we had a blast and i think he felt very big celebrating big-boy style.

i turned "25" on october 20th. i celebrated with my parents and all my sweet boys. happy to be blessed with another year!

the fair is here! the fair is here!

we always looooove the fair. regardless of the extremely high degree of filth and disgust that lies inside the gates of the sc state fairgrounds, we are all there with one thing in common--- good bad-for-you food, rides, games, and family fun! (only this year we left a little sad b/c of the whole camera thing.)

Any way you look at it...the baker boys make halloween look good!

halloween is by far my favorite holiday. the boys spend the entire month picking & choosing their costumes. i spend hours buying &/or creating them. it's too much fun!
the boys dressed as the cast of star-wars for the pine island annual carnival

and we saved the best for halloween night. igor, mad scientist, and bloody zombie.
and of course, shannon and i had to join in on the fun as frankenstein and his bride.

we also got to enjoy a fantastic family trip to ATL with shannon. we visited the coke museum and the atlanta aquarium. i highly recommend the trip! we had a blast and can't wait to go back.
have a coke and a smile
future american idols
the tasting room

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009

from all of us at What's Bakin'?

Monday, September 21, 2009

USMC Mud Run 2009

Oh yes we did!!! I set a goal last year, 5 months pregnant with Oliver, while cheering on some friends, to run in the 2009 USMC Mud Run. The challenge is a 4.2 mile course made up of wooded and muddy terrain and includes 30 obstacles. I hate to say it but I was doubted by a couple of folks. They should know better right?
Any who, I conned 3 other fantastic women into doing it with me. Only to have one of them get sick the morning of. Fortunately, our good friend from church, Beth stepped up and save the day, as you have to run in a team of 4.
So when Oliver was 3 months old I set out on my quest to train as hard as I could to get ready for this event. I had heard it was tough but I was determined! We all had a common goal. We were not going to compete...we simply wanted to finish! And that we did!
With a great cheering section of good friends on hand and lots of faith in God we pulled through and lived to tell. Now we're even more fired up about doing it next year and even shaving some time off our record!
I am so grateful for such a wonderful team who helped me realize one of my goals! MUAH to The Dirty Joke...we did it Girls!

Team: The Dirty Joke
Sarah Meacham, Anne Stuart McMillan, Me, and Beth Fisher

Some other muddy friends

An appropriate place for me...on a stretcher!!!!
100yds to the finish line...last obstacle of the race

Go Sarah!!!

Over ---- Under

Wade in the water children!!!! Me in the Z trench

I really didn't feel like smiling!

Go Anne Stuart...leading The Dirty Joke to the finish

Fu and Mase got muddy at the Pollywog Mud Run while they waited.
Sam said...aww I did that last year. So he and Robert just chilled...nice and clean.

And we're off!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 2009

Well, we celebrated Fulton's birthday September 9th!! We had our usual 3 parties ;-)!
This year Fu requested a Biker party...and his wish was my command! We invited his class and cousins to our Biker Birthday Rally!

My handsome 4 year old Biker Dude! (His face isn't dirty...it's just a boo-boo from face planting in the road while playing soccer with Sam.)

Soooo, I whipped up an invite and a we had our Ultimate Biker Bash. Are they not the cutest Biker kids you've ever seen!!!!

The Biker Bakers

Please look at Ollie's little hand. I could eat him!

Now that's every birthday boy's dream

Ollie, Kirstin, and Madeline

Clayton with all his girls...April, Emma, and Madison

Happy Birthday to Fu!!!

Sides, Thompson and Fulton

The girls chillin with a root beer float

Faith-Claire, Wright, and Sides

Doublemint twin...Margaret and Arden (Sorry Allison, I still can't tell them apart!)

Uncle Nic did a fine job manning the root beer bar

Sweet po-ta-tuh!!!

Caroline cruisin' the obstacle course

Go Fu Go!!!

Wright showing off Fulton's Back Tatt

My bud Katie assisting customers at the Tatt~N~Go

Wright's back tatt

The Tattoo parlor is hoppin!

Jameson!! He's such a big boy now. It's hard to believe he and Sam will be 7 in October.

My Sambo

The Tatt~N~Go

The Biker Root Beer Bar

Favors for the Biker Chics

Favors for the Biker Dudes

The cupcakes with a bike tire


On Fu's actual birthday we celebrated with Muzzy and Boppa and the Gibson boys. He requested a hot dog dinner and his best bud, Wright.

Present time

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy


Muzzy provided lots of fun with the silly string

Silly string war in the front yard

Fu's party at school...he requested Scooby Doo

Wright and Fu

Oliver: Fulton's show and tell

Yum!!! Now that's my kinda Scooby snack