Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A very busy October

october is a wonderful month. the sky is more beautiful in october than any other month. there is a crispness in the air. the leaves' colors are remarkable. and God's gifts to us seem more apparent than ever in the month ofoctober.
october gives us several reasons to rejoice every year. this year we had some little extras that just made the month extra special.

sambo turned SEVEN---yes, 7! on october 15th
he celebrated with several of his buddies with a football pizza party and sleep-over. i took some precious pics but my good camera was stolen at the fair. (i now have to resort to my ghetto camera and cell phone) any who...we had a blast and i think he felt very big celebrating big-boy style.

i turned "25" on october 20th. i celebrated with my parents and all my sweet boys. happy to be blessed with another year!

the fair is here! the fair is here!

we always looooove the fair. regardless of the extremely high degree of filth and disgust that lies inside the gates of the sc state fairgrounds, we are all there with one thing in common--- good bad-for-you food, rides, games, and family fun! (only this year we left a little sad b/c of the whole camera thing.)

Any way you look at it...the baker boys make halloween look good!

halloween is by far my favorite holiday. the boys spend the entire month picking & choosing their costumes. i spend hours buying &/or creating them. it's too much fun!
the boys dressed as the cast of star-wars for the pine island annual carnival

and we saved the best for halloween night. igor, mad scientist, and bloody zombie.
and of course, shannon and i had to join in on the fun as frankenstein and his bride.

we also got to enjoy a fantastic family trip to ATL with shannon. we visited the coke museum and the atlanta aquarium. i highly recommend the trip! we had a blast and can't wait to go back.
have a coke and a smile
future american idols
the tasting room