Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 2009

Well, we celebrated Fulton's birthday September 9th!! We had our usual 3 parties ;-)!
This year Fu requested a Biker party...and his wish was my command! We invited his class and cousins to our Biker Birthday Rally!

My handsome 4 year old Biker Dude! (His face isn't's just a boo-boo from face planting in the road while playing soccer with Sam.)

Soooo, I whipped up an invite and a we had our Ultimate Biker Bash. Are they not the cutest Biker kids you've ever seen!!!!

The Biker Bakers

Please look at Ollie's little hand. I could eat him!

Now that's every birthday boy's dream

Ollie, Kirstin, and Madeline

Clayton with all his girls...April, Emma, and Madison

Happy Birthday to Fu!!!

Sides, Thompson and Fulton

The girls chillin with a root beer float

Faith-Claire, Wright, and Sides

Doublemint twin...Margaret and Arden (Sorry Allison, I still can't tell them apart!)

Uncle Nic did a fine job manning the root beer bar

Sweet po-ta-tuh!!!

Caroline cruisin' the obstacle course

Go Fu Go!!!

Wright showing off Fulton's Back Tatt

My bud Katie assisting customers at the Tatt~N~Go

Wright's back tatt

The Tattoo parlor is hoppin!

Jameson!! He's such a big boy now. It's hard to believe he and Sam will be 7 in October.

My Sambo

The Tatt~N~Go

The Biker Root Beer Bar

Favors for the Biker Chics

Favors for the Biker Dudes

The cupcakes with a bike tire


On Fu's actual birthday we celebrated with Muzzy and Boppa and the Gibson boys. He requested a hot dog dinner and his best bud, Wright.

Present time

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy


Muzzy provided lots of fun with the silly string

Silly string war in the front yard

Fu's party at school...he requested Scooby Doo

Wright and Fu

Oliver: Fulton's show and tell

Yum!!! Now that's my kinda Scooby snack


Bunco Belle said...

Happy Happy to Fulton!! Such a fun party. We are totally getting Sides a new bike now that we took his other one home in three pieces and because all the other kids had much cooler bikes. HA!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm planning a harley themed birthday party for my son and found your invite on pinterest. It is absolutely adorable. You make it sound so easy to "whip up" an invite, but I'm having a difficult time piecing together clipart to create something cute and free. Would you mind sharing your invite? It's so perfect for what we're going for! Thanks!