Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 2009

Our dear friend, Summer was passing through Columbia. And you know what that calls for...A Girls Night Out!!! We met at Dianne's for dinner and then we were out on the town. It ended up being a record late night in the past 10 years. SO much fun!!!! Looking forward to the next one!

Ansley and Summer
Me and Jen

Heather Me and Summer

The Adams Family--- Jen, Lucas, and John

Brooks and Me

Rockers- Summer and Jackie
We got a call two weeks before school started. It was a phone call we'd been waiting for for 3 years. Sam got into Brockman, our district Montessori school. We have been applying for their lottery for 3 years and a spot finally came open for 1st grade!!! We loved Satchelford and had just gotten adjusted but are truly welcoming the change for which we have prayed.
We feel very blessed. Brockman is very small and not many people have the opportunity to be accepted! We are looking forward to a great year.
Sam's school supplies for the first day of 1st GRADE

Proud boy! He found a grasshopper the day before school started and wanted to take it with him. Soooooo SWEET!

Finding his hook

Meeting a new friend at the board. Brockman is Montessori so they have blended ages in their classes. Sam is in Lower Elementary which is made up of 1st-3rd graders.
Happy Birthday to Shannon's brother, Randy! The Big 4-0!!!!
On August 24th Shannon's brother turned 40. His sweet wife, Talitha (a.k.a. "T") threw him a great surprise party. It was a graveyard golfer theme. Sooooo cute.
Hilarious story: A very "private" must readShannon and I had to leave his brother's surprise party much earlier than expected. We got a very rare phone call from our veteran sitter, Mary Ann in need of help.
I'll set the stage---On that Saturday morning, Shannon had just had a private part chat with know the one (Those are your parts ONLY. They are not for anyone else...yada, yada yada).
Welllllllllll, Mary Ann calls us in a panic because Sam had her cornered in the bathroom adamantly opposing her wiping Fulton's hiney saying "that's his private part and you are NOT allowed to touch it". Poor Fu just off the potty is in "the pose" to be wiped, patiently awaiting some assistance. Sam is lecturing Mary Ann, getting frustrated and beginning to cry, so Fulton begins to cry because he too is frustrated just wants someone to wipe him. Oliver, asleep down the hall, hears all the comotion and begins to cry too. MASS CHAOS, I'm telling you!
So poor Mary Ann, who can handle most anything, makes the call. Shannon and I had to come home to smooth things over because everyone was falling apart! We cracked up the whole way home!!!! I so wish we could have been flies on the wall.
Bless Sam's heart! He was doing what he thought was right. And in today's world...I am thankful he has a little more of me in him and won't go down with out a fight! Shannon and I praised him for doing the right thing . But I know Mary Ann was probably happy to be leaving for college the next weekend!
We love you Mary Ann!!!!!!

So with the drama behind us and Shannon's brother's party over, we headed back out for an annual band party...ST6. As usual, there were a ton of blasts from the past who we bumped into, great music, and draft beer! Two out of three ain't so bad!
Brooks and Me
John, Matt, and Shan

John, Shan, Me, & Jen
Shannon and I feel so blessed to have been asked by our good friends, Heather and Fenton Overdyke to be Caroline's God0parents. We participated in the beautiful ceremony and enjoyed a wonderful reception at their home. They are such good friends and we truly LOOOOOVE sweet Caroline. She'll make a great little buddy to hang with when I need a break from my boys.

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