Thursday, July 30, 2009

June & July 2009

The hot summer started with a bang! We spent lots of afternoons hanging out at the pool with good friends, having play dates, and cookouts. We went to the beach and lake a few times and enjoyed a complimentary trip to Carowinds.

We decided to attempt our local movies in the park event at the beginning of the summer. The show for the night was a Baker family favorite...Bedtime Stories. We roped the poor Gibson family into going with us. The kids had fun and I guess we would have too if not for fearing that we may get shot or have some hallucinating super-freak kidnap one of our children. I can appreciate the city trying to do something to appeal to families but when it has FREE stamped on it...they come out of the woodwork fo-sho!!!!!!
Fu and Wright

Sam and Henry


Wright and Fu dancing


Beach trip with Nana and Papa

For whatever reason my camera never left my bag with the exception of this one time...our last night there after dinner. However, My sister in law's niece took lots of great pics. I am awaiting a CD of them and when I get them I'll post them also.

But needless to say we really enjoyed ourselves with Shannon's family. We spent lots of time in the ocean and pool and cruising around on the golf cart. Can't wait to go back!

Nana and Papa with their grand babies


Happy 4th of July!!!!!

We spent the day up at the lake with Shannon's family. The kids enjoyed boat rides, taking dips in the lake, fishing, and fireworks. The adults enjoyed some great BBQ , conversation boat rides and fireworks as well.

It was a very low key 7/4 but very nice regardless!!!!

Fulton with his sparkler

Takin' a dip

My sweet Sambo

The Potts family joined us this year

Fu sampling the water

My sweet Ollie-wumpus!!!!


Carowinds (or as Fulton calls it "Carowings")
Shannon's company celebrated their 25th anniversary and treated the employees and their families to a day at Carowinds. Fortunately, our friends, John and Jen Adams were with us! Jen and Shannon happen to work together and we are also Bunco/Poker friends. Sam and Fulton love their boys so it was a great fit!
We rode and played so much! We were so exhausted and so thankful to my Aunt Laynie and cousin Renee for keeping Ollie for us so we could spend some time with the big boys.

Going up up and away!!!
All the boys
Fulton, Sam, Jack & Nate

Shannon and Jen (a.k.a. Cubeys)
The UBER cool Companion Employees in their distinguished grey shirts

And the insignificant White shirts!!! But that's ok...when John and I are Mayors, we'll have our own distinguished shirts ;0)

The boys pose with the Scooby Doo Mystery Inc gang

We could have stayed at the waterpark all day and done nothing else!!! What a blast!!

The fam minus Ollie :-(

Jack, Sam and Fu
Weekend at Johnny's in Edisto
We were thrilled to join John and Jen at their family home in Edisto. It was quite the Motley Crew!!!! New friends joined old friends but we all had some kind of common connection. All 10 of the kids had so much fun did the 6 parents. We named the outdoor bar downstairs "Johnny's Bar and Lounge" and by the time we returned to Columbia rumor had it that Edisto had a new hot spot. The word had spread via Facebook updates. But we had to let everyone know it is actually a "private club" ;0).
Anywho, the food, drinks, ocean air and memories made were very well worth the exhaustion we all felt come Monday morning. We are looking forward to the reunion weekend!!!!
Thanks John and Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A very familiar pose for this three-some. Circa 1992

The ladies of Johnny's
Me, Jen, Anna, and Ansley
My sweet sweet Hubby and me!!! What a trooper...2 weeks post knee surgery and still hangin'

The Mayors...Representin' Cola and FA, SC

Jen, John, and DJ Jazzy Kev

A&P Grier-----Love them!!!!

Ollie chillin' in the Bumbo and tastin' some sand
Shan, Sambo, and Fuster

Shannon and his new love, Hay-Hay!
Ollie and his God-mother

Kevin and Ollie

Oliver's Baptism

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation!---2 Corinthians 5:17

We celebrated Oliver's sacrament of holy baptism on July 12th! What started as a frustrating situation proved to be the most delightful and celebratory event. I was very sad going into Oliver's baptism just knowing he is our last child, growing so quickly, and this is the last time we'd celebrate the baptism of one of our children. I wanted it to be super special for him and our family.

Our original date in May to have Ollie baptized got double booked with another family. Four families (6 children) were to be baptized that day and Ollie would have made seven. It was just too many families to accommodate in one service. So against MY plan we were moved to July; only to find out that neither the rector nor his associate would be able to perform the ceremony. Not to mention that the family christening outfit that the boys wear wouldn't fit him 2 months later and I'd have to buy something...Just one more glitch!!!!
I was later informed that our former Bishop, Charles Duvall was appointed. While we do not have a close relationship with Bishop Duvall I had heard great things about his ways of conducting a Baptism. Oliver went from being 1 of 7 children to a private Baptism performed by a Bishop!!!! It just doesn't get any more special! Bishop Duvall was awesome!! The service was absolutely perfect! So many people commented on how personal and beautiful it all was. It was every bit as special as I had wanted for the last time we would do this. We are so thankful that God truly IS in charge and knows what He's doing.
We were surrounded by great family and friends. It was a HUGE honor to have our great friends, Ansley and Patrick Grier stand up as his God-parents. They are so special to us and have taken on such a special and important role in Oliver's life as a Christian.
What a GLORIOUS day indeed!

My Mom's sisters---"Uncle" Judy and Aunt Laynie

A few of the wild boys

Mom and Dad with Ollie

Clayton, cousin Renee and my S-I-L April

Part of the Gibson gang
Jason, Katie, and Henry

Me and our sweet God-daughter, Caroline

Good and Dear Friends!!!
Shannon and the Overdykes
Fenton and Heather
More of the crowd

And more
Mom, Dad, Aunt Laynie, Aunt Judy, and Ms. Phyllis our parish sponsor for Oliver

Ms. Phyllis Gee, Patrick and Ansley with Newton and Liddy, Bishop Charles Duvall, and the Bakers

Me, Ollie, and Shan posing in front of the St. John's signature keepsake banner
St. John's just does it right!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver's favors to our guests to match his invitations

His sweet petit fours