Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Spring---April & May 2009

Ok I swore I wouldn't do it again...and I did. I fell off the blogging wagon. To say the least, life with 3 boys is VERY busy! We are always on the go and there is NEVER a dull moment. Well, to catch you up...We had a very busy spring! Lots going on!!!!

Because blogger is acting weird and won't let me move pics around, this is all in some bizarre random order. No rhyme or reason like the rest of my life ;0).

So here goes...try to follow along.
I survived! Sam survived! And we are here to celebrate! Sam finished 5K at Satchelford!!! I was as big of a blubbering hormonal fool on the last day as I was the first. I adore my Sambo and can't believe he is getting so big and grown up. It was truly a wonderful year. Despite the fact that I am every teacher's worst nightmare!!!!!! His teachers really were fantastic and we had a great first year of big boy school! My how time flies!
To put it into perspective...
Sam on the first day of school in August 08
Sam on the last day of school May 08
My how he has grown!!!!
Sam's "100 days of school" project is still hanging on the dry erase board in his classroom. Oliver was about 4 days old and Sam and I went plundering through my craft room to find 100 of something. Pom-poms it was! Mrs. Tharpe loved it. She even wore it as a stole that day. Sam was so proud!
Sam giving Mrs. Tharpe her end of the year surcie and a hug
We treated Sam and his buddy Thomas to dinner at Sam's favorite place...Sato!!!
Samuri Sam and Samuri Thomas
Fulton Thomas Allison Carson and Sam
Sam with his teachers

Arranged that's what I'm talkin' about. The Karn girls set to wed the Baker boys. Catherine and Sam had a great year of 5K together.
Sam, Tanner, and Connor

Sam at his class precious!!! His teachers made a fantastic tear-jerking video. I'll try to post it.
Easter 2009....

The boys had a great Easter! We had several great Egg hunts, dying, and parties to take care of. Easter Sunday was very GLORIOUS!!! We had lots to celebrate in addition to the Rising of our LORD we celebrated the birth of our newest family member. Spring welcomes so many wonderful things. The renewal of life and living the promise of God's mercy is so amazing!

Egg hunt Easter Sunday at Muzzy and Boppa's

Crushing Muzzy's flowers to get to the prize

My 95 yr-old aunt Nita meets baby Oliver

Mom, Aunt Laynie, and Aunt Judy fought over who would hold him next ;-)!

Another egg hunt at NaNa's and Papa's

Run boys!!!!

Oliver's 1st Easter

My beautiful (I mean, handsome) boys

I am truly blessed!!!!

The Baker cousins

Ollie's 1st visit from the bunny...he looks thrilled right?

Priceless! Look at their faces!!!

The Bunny made the drop.

Sam's egg masterpiece

Fulton's egg masterpiece
Muzzy and Boppa join us for egg dying


Fu bird!!!

We made a quick trip to the beach over the boys' spring break. They had a ball despite the chilly temps. They especially enjoyed they're annual trip to the aquarium.

Ollie's 1st trip to the beach at 3 months old
Fulton enjoyed his egg hunt with the 2-yr-old class at school. He founds lots of eggs with goodies inside!

Fu and Wright

Fu and Thompson


Sam has LOVED his 5K year at SFES. Shannon and I were fortunate enough to join his class for the school-wide field day. They had so much fun and we really enjoyed watching and cheering on his class. SOOOOOO cute!

Run Sambo Run!!!! Sam relaying

Sam hula-hooping

For spirit week Sam dressed as SF's superhero. He even won a prize for great school spirit! Yay Sam. I whipped up the little ensemble at midnight the night before because in my sleep deprived state...I kinda forgot!
We said goodbye to the Karn family at the end of May! Neal and Trey headed back to Neal's hometown to be closer to her parents and for Trey's job. The Karns have become such a huge part of our lives. The Karn girls, Catherine, Anne Hamilton, and Hattie, are all the same ages as the Baker boys. It makes for the perfect play date (or arranged marriage). Neal has been an excellent addition to my bunco group and a dear friend. We have shared pregnancies, many laughs, many tears, good chit-chats, and lots of wine!
To see them off the true southern way a few of us went in and threw them a going away party. We had a low-country boil and all kinds goodies! We stayed up til the wee hours and enjoyed every minute. I will miss them so very much...Buuuuut never fear...the marriages are still arranged ;0) and we can't wait to go visit them very soon.
We love you, Neal and Trey! Thanks for sharing your family and so many good times with us! Best wishes!!!!

Neal and Trey

Me and Neal

The late night bunco girls

Don't ask???? (compliments of Steven Powell)

Some of the boys

All of the girls

The hostesses
McCarleys, Currys, Kvams, Powells, and Bakers
I recently volunteered for the very first Get in the Pink 10k and Soiree on the Saluda. The event was founded by a long-time family friend, Jackie Scott Howie, owner of Kicks. The event was planned and managed by the extremely talented team at Carolina Event Consultants. It was a great event for a wonderful cause and the Soiree on the Saluda was a fantastic girls night opportunity. We're already looking forward to next year!!

April Dorsey, Me, Jackie Barker, Mason Harrington, Brooks Wheeler
All the Married Ladies----Headed to the Saluda River Club
The Electric Company (a popular band from our high school days) reunion made for a great date night. Shannon and I joined our good friends John and Jen along with many other blasts from the past to enjoy the music once again. Rumor has it we will be seeing more of the band in upcoming months. We are truly looking forward to it, as it makes us feel very youthful. ;-) Those were the best days!

John, Jen, Me, and Shan

Sam has a new trick! Need I say more?

He's so proud of his nostril trick
It's trophy time!!!!

Fu completed his first season of soccer and is now the proud owner of a beautiful trophy!

Sam completed t-ball and now has another trophy to add to his rapidly growing collection!

Yay BOYS!!!!

Forest Acres Family Night at Baskin Robbins
Shannon and I took the boys out for some $.99 icecream and for some jump castle fun. While there we ran into several of their buddies. Fu and his best bud Thompson couldn't get enough of eachother and I just couldn't resist posting these pics...they are too cute!

I was fortunate to be able to chaperone 2 of Sam's class field trips. We went to the zoo on this particular day and had a blast! What an adorable group we had!


Just sharing a couple of cute ones

Oliver with his bubble-fro!
My 3 sons!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my super sweet girlfriends decided to throw a sip~n~see for me in honor of Oliver. They hosted a beautiful drop-in with wonderful food, friends, and conversation. I was so excited for some of my friends to get to meet/spend some time with sweet Ollie! We had an awesome turn-out and I felt incredibly blessed to have so many friends share in the joy of his arrival.

I am so thankful for such wonderful girlfriends. They are the closest things I have to sisters and I don't know WHAT I would do without them. They helped me welcome my precious baby boy into the world in the most delightful way!!!

The sweet hostesses---- Brooks, Me, Ollie, Mason, & Helen

The proud Muzzy, Ollie and me

Good ol' long-time friend Phoebe

My KP girls Shawn and Sarah

Bunny lulling Ollie to sleep

Some of the girls who stopped by...
A visit from the ice cream man. While he looks like a potential terrorist...I sure do love it when he comes around because my boys get so excited!!! They always get the Ninja turtle pops with bubble gum eyes!