Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Home Oliver

Dear Oliver,
You have just arrived at your home in Forest Acres, South Cacalacky! We are so excited to have you as a new addition to our family. We don't think mommy is quite sure how in the world she is going to handle all this testosterone in our house! But we're sure she'll have great support along the way as she is surrounded by many great mothers of ALL boys! Regardless, we, your brothers want you to know how much we love you and can't wait to share our crazy What's Bakin'? lives with you.
As we celebrate your homecoming , we feel you'll need a few things...

A responsible, loving couple to be called Mommy and Daddy,

The necessary tools for surviving in this world...a wild jaguar, a set of wheels, a picture of a cowboy to remind you of your inner wild man, and a gun of course. After all, it's a jungle out there. Hang in there little buddy.
Oh and You'll also need a pair of hand-cuffs to restrain yourself and others should things ever get out of hand.

But no worries...if they ever do get out of hand we wont be far behind. We promise we can give you something no one else can give you...Brotherly love!
We love you little "Crunchy" and are so glad to have you here with us. You are yet another gift from above!
Welcome Home!!!
Love your big bros,
Sam (6) and Fulton (3)

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