Monday, December 08, 2008

The tree is here!!!

This year we decided to get 2 trees. We thought the boys might like a little Charlie Brown tree to decorate and put in the den. Also, I feel like we don't get to enjoy the big tree in the living room because we are seldom in there as a family. So we got a little one for the den, where we spend most of our day. The boys were super excited about the colored lights and being able to decorate their own tree.
I take the same picture of Shannon every year coming in the door with our tree! Here we go for 2008...Tree #1 for the living room

Sam decorating the little tree
Fu helping out...I love the lack of rhyme or reason to the placement of ornaments.

I don't think they did such a bad job! I'll have to add some finishing touches ;-)

More Christmas to come!!!

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