Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sam's Birthweek

Party #1~~~~~~
Sam's Birth-week celebrations started on his actual birthday, Wednesday, October, 15th. We asked Sam to chose a place to eat supper and just as last year, he chose Outback. Muzzy and Boppa joined us. We came home and had a yummy brownie cake and ice-cream. He enjoyed opening some presents from Mommy and Daddy and Muzzy and Boppa.

That's one precious cowboy!

Party #2~~~~~~
Sam celebrated his party at school but I'm the bad mom that forgot my camera! I made brownies and served them at lunch. Sam shares his birthday with another child in his class so her mom did something for them at snack time. He got triple celebrations that day...lunch, snack, and dinner!

Party #3~~~~~~

The original party plans for Sam got rained out so his party was postponed until Saturday. But it was great! The weather was beautiful and he had a great turn-out. So many of the kids came in their costumes and looked adorable! Sam requested a Halloween themed party this year, which was perfect and so easy to pull off.

With Pizza, cupcakes, costumes and a was a success!

Sam's invites...designed by MOI!!!
Sam and Fulton went to the park for Sam's party dressed as a cowboy and his pony but the costumes were quickly shed!

Cute festive cupcakes

Happy Birthday to Sam!

Emme (Supergirl), Elsa (was a flower but stripped early), and Carson (Pirate)

Charlie and Sam
Ninja Keith

Sarah Todd stealing a slice!!!

The crazy guests

Pinata Time

Everyone took a turn

The pinata mob
The Party Favors

I am so over crappy goodie bags that I KNOW parents throw away after the kids go to bed. So this year I designed t-shirts and had my good buddy, Traeger at Graph-itti print them for me for darn good deal!!!!

Fulton models his cute shirt!

Say cheese, Sambo!

Look at all those fun things to unwrap! Sam is so blessed!!!

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