Friday, October 31, 2008

The making of a VAMPIRE

Sam and Fulton crack me up!

This year, early-on they decided to be Clone Troopers (think Star Wars) for Halloween. Now, most of you know my sick obsession with a home-made costume. I get it honestly!!!! I very reluctantly purchased the costumes they run out of the little sizes quickly! All the while BEGGING the boys to let me make them something spooky or gross. BUUUUT NOOOOOOO. We have to be Clone Troopers, Mommy! Well, Thursday Night before bed, Sam breaks into a tizzy-fit because he wants to be a Vampire. And guess does Fulton. Thanks God capes and fangs don't cost a fortune so I went out on Halloween morning and scooped up what I could find to transform them into Vamps!

The hair is slicked...with lots of mousse and hairspray!!!

Sprayed black

What happened to my two toe-heads???

Apply make-up...

It was at that moment that I realized that I have the extreme potential to be a raging stage mom. I was surprised none of my neighbors called DSS.

Make up's done, white shirt, black pants, red cummerbunds...

Now give me your mean vampire faces!!!!

Welcome to Bakervania!!!!

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