Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday to FU!!!


I cannot believe that this sweet baby has been in our lives for three years already. At age three, here is a little about Fulton:

Fulton is our LIVE WIRE. He is always on "GO". Fulton is
passionate and determined to achieve all he sets in his sight. He enjoys all things BOY; trucks, cars, baseball, and getting dirty! I love his smile and twinkly eyes and how he serenades me with a new song each time I pick him up from school. He brings such amazing character to our family.

He and Sam are BEST FRIENDS and miss each other so much when they are apart. I love witnessing their close bond. Should conflict ever arise among peers, Fulton and all his assertiveness says "you leave us alone", while Sam with his voice of reason says "come on Fully, let's go over here." They work together so well and truly ground each other.

Fulton has a true personality! You never have to guess what kind of mood he's in or what his opinion of something is. He is straight-up and can be brutally honest but in the sweetest way.

Shannon and I and those really close to him know about the Fulton 3 second rule. Since the day he was born he has NEVER sat, stood, or laid still in the same position for more than 3 seconds. It has become a joke among close friends and family. If he stops moving all you have to do is count to 3 and he'll start moving again sometimes even before you get to 3. If he's ever happened to be still for longer than that...he's sick or fast asleep. I love his energy! And though it frequently exhausts me...it makes me so very happy to have such a lively and energetic little person to keep me going!

What a blessing he is!!! And we are so happy to be celebrating his third birthday with him!

I compiled all of our favorite photos of Fulton into a slide show to honor him on his special day. ENJOY!!!

Stay tuned more to come on the birthday festivities!!!

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Anonymous said...

As usual, your music selections stirred memories! Love the slideshow... especially proud that Maggie made her debut: kissing Fu! Happy 3rd to the sweetest Fulton. These years are flying by way too quickly.