Sunday, September 28, 2008

My son is a pot-head...who knew???

While drumming on pots and pans, Fulton decided to put an old pot on his head. Because of the angle of the was stuck on Fulton's head!!! I could not stop laughing and neither could he. Until I realized that i might actually have to call someone for help! Who exactly do you call and what exactly do you say??? The Fire Dept., An ambulance, Go to the ER??? I struggled with it a little more and had him bend over while I pulled. The pot fell right off!
Poor Fu...b/c of where it was sitting on his head, he had a bruise on his nose for a couple of days.
It was truly hilarious!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pollywog Mud Run

Sam participated in the Pollywog Mud Run at Ft. Jackson. It's the kids version of the big mud run. It is also every kid's dream to get neck deep in a giant mud puddle. Had I not been pregnant...I would have gotten in myself. It looked like too much fun.
We joined the Gieses and the Todds to cheer on Andrew Todd's team in the Mud Run. While we waited for the start of the run, the kids did their own mud run. These muddy boys had a blast. Too bad little Fu is still too young to do it...but we'll get him in next year.

Keith Giese, Sam Todd, and Sam Baker

On your mark, get set, go!
The Course

A proud, muddy, and accomplished Sam!

Fu has the perfect seat and looks on anticipating the day he turns 4 and can participate too!
A victory snack with the Todds
Sam and Sam rockin' out and dancing to music while waiting on Sam Todd's daddy to start his race.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Baby Baker Update

Today Shannon and I went for my 20 week ultrasound and anatomy scan of baby baker #3. Everything went very well and I breathed a sigh of relief when we left. Those things are so unnerving! I know several of you are dying to know what it is BUUUUUUT you'll just have to wait until January with us. We didn't find out!!!
Sam and Fulton have affectionately named the baby "CRUNCHY". So for now...that it what we are calling it. I need to scan my ultrasound photos so you can get a sneak peek!
Stay tuned for more baby info!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fu's Birthday Festivities

And so the Birth-week begins! Fulton is fortunate enough to have been able to celebrate his Birthday not ONE time but FOUR times!!!! Ridiculous, I know! BUT...his birthday fell in the middle of the week which required us to celebrate on his ACTUAL BIRTHDAY, A SCHOOL PARTY, A FAMILY AFFAIR, and a PARTY WITH FRIENDS.
He felt extra special all week and had a great time with all his great family and friends...He's truly blessed!
PARTY #1~~~~~~A Celebration with Family

Our little cousin Kyle celebrates his birthday on September 8th. This year he decided he wanted to celebrate in Columbia with his family and include Fulton in his Birthday b/c their special days are so close together. His parents, Allison and Ed and my Aunt Judy put on a fabulous cookout at my Aunt Judy's Pool and Clubhouse. Everyone was cake and water-logged!!! Happy Birthday to Kyle TOO!

Kyle with his 12 candles
Muzzy made Fulton an appropriate cake...seeing that we think he is part fish
Fu and his 3 Candles

Now that's one way to dig in!

Time for presents!

A dip in the pool with Muzzy

PARTY #2~~~~~~September 9th! The Day Fu was Born
On Fu's Birthday we asked him to pick where he wanted to eat. Of was no surprise that he chose good ol' San Jose. Carson and Robin joined us and the kids had a great time!

San Jose it is!!! "Feliz Cumpleanos!" Fulton loved his Spanish Serenade
Sam got a huge kick out of it too

Fulton poses with his Flan
Daddy reads Fulton's musical card to him
It plays "KUNG FU FIGHTING" from Kung Fu Panda
He must have listened to it a thousand times!
Time for presents
A cool game from Carson
One from Mommy and Daddy
It's Rocket!!!!
Fulton shows it off to the wait staff...a.k.a. our second family

PARTY #3~~~~~~The School Party
Fu's birthday fell on a Tuesday and he goes to school MWF. SOOOOO the next day we celebrated at school. We had cupcakes for snack and they gave him a little present form the "Gift box". Sam was able to join us b/c his school was out due to a flood!!! So it all worked out!

Happy Birthday again Bunny FuFu!!!
A pose with the class

Tearing into his gift...

It's a cool car
Party #4~~~~~~The Park Party
This year Fulton wanted an OOBI party. For those of you not familiar...Oobi is a hand puppet show on Noggin. I made his invitations and he just loved them!!! He ran around for a week holding it and taking it places with us and signing the theme song. Fulton invited a few of his favorite buddies to join him after school at the park!

Fulton's Invitation

Fulton's Party Favors...OOBI EYES and Snack Mix
Futlon and Muzzy

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Say cheese, kids!!!!
Brooks cruising down the slide

Thompson and Fulton on the swings
Charlie and Sam... silly as usual

WOW!!!! Look at all your presents, Fu!

Fu Says "YES!" to all his great gifts...Thanks everybody!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday to FU!!!


I cannot believe that this sweet baby has been in our lives for three years already. At age three, here is a little about Fulton:

Fulton is our LIVE WIRE. He is always on "GO". Fulton is
passionate and determined to achieve all he sets in his sight. He enjoys all things BOY; trucks, cars, baseball, and getting dirty! I love his smile and twinkly eyes and how he serenades me with a new song each time I pick him up from school. He brings such amazing character to our family.

He and Sam are BEST FRIENDS and miss each other so much when they are apart. I love witnessing their close bond. Should conflict ever arise among peers, Fulton and all his assertiveness says "you leave us alone", while Sam with his voice of reason says "come on Fully, let's go over here." They work together so well and truly ground each other.

Fulton has a true personality! You never have to guess what kind of mood he's in or what his opinion of something is. He is straight-up and can be brutally honest but in the sweetest way.

Shannon and I and those really close to him know about the Fulton 3 second rule. Since the day he was born he has NEVER sat, stood, or laid still in the same position for more than 3 seconds. It has become a joke among close friends and family. If he stops moving all you have to do is count to 3 and he'll start moving again sometimes even before you get to 3. If he's ever happened to be still for longer than that...he's sick or fast asleep. I love his energy! And though it frequently exhausts makes me so very happy to have such a lively and energetic little person to keep me going!

What a blessing he is!!! And we are so happy to be celebrating his third birthday with him!

I compiled all of our favorite photos of Fulton into a slide show to honor him on his special day. ENJOY!!!

Stay tuned more to come on the birthday festivities!!!