Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shan!!!!

Today we celebrated Shannon's 34th birthday! We also got to meet Sam's teacher for 5K at the school open house. So it was an exciting day! We let Sam pick the restaurant and of course he picked the "Japeese" place (Sato formerly Kyoto). They LOVE it. It is so entertaining for them.
For Birthdays the boys like to pick themes (I can't imagine why???). Last year was Dora for Shannon. This year they wanted to do Monster Trucks!!! At least it was a little more masculine.

My parents joined us for dinner and came to the "party" following. It was very precious how excited they were for Shannon to see his "party". They LOVE their Daddy and so do I. He is truly an amazing man. He is so generous with his time and energy for me and the boys and I value that more than he'll ever know!!! I hope he has had a great birthday!
Happy 34th Birthday, Shan!!!!!!

Are you ready for MONSTER JAM?????

Our lovely Monster Jam streamers

How cute is our Monster Jam mock cake??? It really looks like authentic mud and dirt. (My momma gave me a little assistance with it while we went to the open house.)

Make a wish!
Say cheese!!!

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