Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fulton's ready for the draft!!!

BEFORE everyone gets Val-pak coupons right??? Well I tried to take advantage of "a deal" and boy did I get one! A dirty deal!
You've seen the pictures...Futlon's sweet all-one-length little haircut...perfect for an almost 3 year old. Not any more friends!!!
I wish there was realistically a way to sue GREAT CLIPS for violating my child's hair and for false advertising! They give anything but GREAT CLIPS...they give AWFUL CLIPS. I have photos to prove it! Seriously, how hard is it to cut STRAIGHT hair all the way around???? She had a license. So maybe she didn't understand English...HONESTLY, I don't know! Just consider yourselves WARNED. Should you choose to can now find them in the yellow pages under CRAPPY CLIPS!!!!
Thank the LORD Sam was spared, as it would be a tragedy to start 5K with a DISASTEROUS haircut!
Any who...Fulton is now ready for the draft at age 3!!!


YOU CAN SEE HIS SCALP!!!! He looks like he's going on 18 not 3!!!

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