Friday, August 22, 2008

First week of school

First Week of School Update!!!!
Well, we survived the first week. No one died or went into labor, believe it or not (although…I thought I was going to several times). I had no clue I was sending my child to boot camp to be broken like a pet. I warned you back in May that I wasn't going to take this very well. And I know what you're saying...She's so HORMONAL right now.
I thought the nuns in Catholic school were tough when I was growing up. Well, wouldn’t they be proud to know that I prayed more than I ever have in my entire life this week! I even contemplated whipping out my Mother of Pearl Rosary quite a few times. I told my mom I felt like I was turning into a monk. I had almost started chanting in Latin. And...If I had a dime for every time that I said “I can’t do this” this week…I could purchase a small country. What an experience!!!
However my support group this week was absolutely insane. What truly amazing friends, mother, and husband I have! They listened to so much screaming and crying and episodes of near regurgitation that they will certainly be canonized at some point!!!! Mom, Shan, Robin, Neal, & Paula...thanks for the phone calls and emails to check in every hour on the hour everyday this week. Y'all are the BEST!!! And the rest of you...thanks for the great words of encouragement and extra prayers. I sho-nuff needed them.
As for Sam...he seems to be doing well. A lot of NEW stuff came his way...waking at 6 a.m. (until Monday he had never even seen 6 a.m. He's my snoozer in the mornings.), arriving at school no later than 7:20 a.m., learning his classmates' names, a barrage of NEW rules, a lunch PIN #, a new behavior system, being released from prison...I mean KINDERGARTEN at 2:30, and last but not least a mother who could truly be committed after this week. Shannon and I are so proud of him. He has been so good and done so well and bless his heart he has been absolutely exhausted every day!!!!
I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers this week. I feel so blessed that so many of you cared so much to remember this huge transition we were making. Please keep them coming in the days ahead!!!!! I love all my emails, blog readers' comments, and facebook posts. I'll keep you posted...Love to all!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! School starts at 7:20am....mine is in 4k w/ an 8:30am start....geez how many years can I hold the poor thing back? School is definately back in session, i got caught behind two buses on my way to work this AM! Can't those kids pick a seat faster - hello! there is NO cool seat on the bus...just get on! Leigh Curry :)

Anonymous said...

i love your family:-) ya'll are the cutest!!!!!!! much love, g
Grace Merry

Anonymous said...

I love these!!

Mason Harrington

Anonymous said...

You really need to do stand up – especially about the part of little Fu’s haircut! I was laughing out loud – and Newt and Liddy were like – What’s wrong mommy?!


Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia! I can't believe how big and gorgeous your 2 boys are. They are so adorable! I read and heard the great news that you guys are expecting another one. Congratulations! Tell your parents and Shannon I said hello. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ok I cried and was wowed by your motherly love but want to know who Sam got for Kindergarden? I'm waiting to see what you write about Fu Fu's terrible teacher. ha ha I hope he's feeling better. Hopefully see yall on Wed.

Darcy Hartin

Anonymous said...

Girl, you just made me cry and so afraid for next year. At least by then I will have someone who understands.
Ellen S

Anonymous said...


I have been laughing and a little teary eyed reading your craziness!! Memories came flooding back, bad hair cuts and all!!

This past week while you sent Sam off for K, as we used to call it, I sent # 3, Brett, off to college…. Yes there are things that you can’t possibly think that you want, will or have to do… My household is down to the 4 of us… now that sounds crackish!

Keep blogging Claudia!! (Also I am praying for you and your new addition)

Karen Whalen