Friday, August 22, 2008

First week of school

First Week of School Update!!!!
Well, we survived the first week. No one died or went into labor, believe it or not (although…I thought I was going to several times). I had no clue I was sending my child to boot camp to be broken like a pet. I warned you back in May that I wasn't going to take this very well. And I know what you're saying...She's so HORMONAL right now.
I thought the nuns in Catholic school were tough when I was growing up. Well, wouldn’t they be proud to know that I prayed more than I ever have in my entire life this week! I even contemplated whipping out my Mother of Pearl Rosary quite a few times. I told my mom I felt like I was turning into a monk. I had almost started chanting in Latin. And...If I had a dime for every time that I said “I can’t do this” this week…I could purchase a small country. What an experience!!!
However my support group this week was absolutely insane. What truly amazing friends, mother, and husband I have! They listened to so much screaming and crying and episodes of near regurgitation that they will certainly be canonized at some point!!!! Mom, Shan, Robin, Neal, & Paula...thanks for the phone calls and emails to check in every hour on the hour everyday this week. Y'all are the BEST!!! And the rest of you...thanks for the great words of encouragement and extra prayers. I sho-nuff needed them.
As for Sam...he seems to be doing well. A lot of NEW stuff came his way...waking at 6 a.m. (until Monday he had never even seen 6 a.m. He's my snoozer in the mornings.), arriving at school no later than 7:20 a.m., learning his classmates' names, a barrage of NEW rules, a lunch PIN #, a new behavior system, being released from prison...I mean KINDERGARTEN at 2:30, and last but not least a mother who could truly be committed after this week. Shannon and I are so proud of him. He has been so good and done so well and bless his heart he has been absolutely exhausted every day!!!!
I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers this week. I feel so blessed that so many of you cared so much to remember this huge transition we were making. Please keep them coming in the days ahead!!!!! I love all my emails, blog readers' comments, and facebook posts. I'll keep you posted...Love to all!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The First Day of...

The next 13 years of Sam's life!!!

Sam started 5K today. What a big boy!!! He was so precious and excited to go to school today. I can't believe this day has come. Where on earth did the time go? I had a pretty emotional weekend thinking about our PB&J lunch dates together, snuggle time while Fully is napping, afternoon play dates with friends, sleeping in, and all the other little things we've done over his almost 6 years. People tried to tell me how fast it would go by but I had no idea it was like this.

Sam and I have grown up together in a sense. I've learned how to be a parent while he's learned how to be a little boy. All the while we're learning from each other. I have enjoyed all these years of being able to be at home with him. I am already looking forward to his first day-off so we can spend sometime together.

He looked so BIG and ready today as Shannon and I left to take him to school. He walked down the long hallway and into his classroom and immediately found his table. He was excited to see several VERY familiar faces in the were we.

I kissed him good-bye 100+ times and very reluctantly left the room. We joined several of our teary-eyed friends in the media center for the New parent social. It was good to see that I wasn't alone in this!!!

I spent the rest of the day in tears and on pins and needles just dying to see him. Neal and I parked outside the school about 40 minutes before Sam and Catherine got out. Fulton and Anne-Hamilton watched a movie in the car while we waited. We just sat there staring at the breezeway like the neurotic freaks that we are. They finally came out with sweet little faces and so happy to see us. The feeling was mutual!!! I had missed him SOOOOOO much!

The best part was that he got to be the LINE LEADER on the first day!!!!

Stay tuned...I'll be sure to update you on the rest of his week!

Sam having his early morning breakfast. When we carried him downstairs he said "What are we doing?" We said, "Getting ready to go to school." He said, "We can't because it's still night-time." I'm sure he thought we were on crack!!

All his first day supplies ready to go. Nap mat, tote bag, and lunch box

Sam and Carson (our cute neighbor) all ready for 5K...Thank God they got in the same class!!!

Fully hugs Sam as they pose in front of Sam's classroom. Poor Fu kept saying he wanted to go find his classroom next.

Sam at his sweet and proud!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shan!!!!

Today we celebrated Shannon's 34th birthday! We also got to meet Sam's teacher for 5K at the school open house. So it was an exciting day! We let Sam pick the restaurant and of course he picked the "Japeese" place (Sato formerly Kyoto). They LOVE it. It is so entertaining for them.
For Birthdays the boys like to pick themes (I can't imagine why???). Last year was Dora for Shannon. This year they wanted to do Monster Trucks!!! At least it was a little more masculine.

My parents joined us for dinner and came to the "party" following. It was very precious how excited they were for Shannon to see his "party". They LOVE their Daddy and so do I. He is truly an amazing man. He is so generous with his time and energy for me and the boys and I value that more than he'll ever know!!! I hope he has had a great birthday!
Happy 34th Birthday, Shan!!!!!!

Are you ready for MONSTER JAM?????

Our lovely Monster Jam streamers

How cute is our Monster Jam mock cake??? It really looks like authentic mud and dirt. (My momma gave me a little assistance with it while we went to the open house.)

Make a wish!
Say cheese!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fulton's ready for the draft!!!

BEFORE everyone gets Val-pak coupons right??? Well I tried to take advantage of "a deal" and boy did I get one! A dirty deal!
You've seen the pictures...Futlon's sweet all-one-length little haircut...perfect for an almost 3 year old. Not any more friends!!!
I wish there was realistically a way to sue GREAT CLIPS for violating my child's hair and for false advertising! They give anything but GREAT CLIPS...they give AWFUL CLIPS. I have photos to prove it! Seriously, how hard is it to cut STRAIGHT hair all the way around???? She had a license. So maybe she didn't understand English...HONESTLY, I don't know! Just consider yourselves WARNED. Should you choose to can now find them in the yellow pages under CRAPPY CLIPS!!!!
Thank the LORD Sam was spared, as it would be a tragedy to start 5K with a DISASTEROUS haircut!
Any who...Fulton is now ready for the draft at age 3!!!


YOU CAN SEE HIS SCALP!!!! He looks like he's going on 18 not 3!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Water Play date

Today we enjoyed a water play date with some of Sam's buddies from Kilbourne. It was one last hoorah before some of them are split up to go on to different schools. The boys went up and down the Banzai slide probably a thousand times. They had some snacks and beverages and played for a few hours. Some serious napping was in order for all of us!! What a great play date...Thanks to Getchen!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


This year the beach has been truly enjoyable for us and the boys. They have gotten so much out of building sand castles and swimming/playing in the water. They really got into putt-putt and the kids pool with waterfalls and water guns. Fulton also LOVES running and jumping into the BIG pool. But I think the ultimate highlight of their week was all the golf cart rides, especially the ones at night. We all had a great time...again!