Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh reeeeeeeeeeeally!!!!!! ask...

What happens when a busy house wife and mother of two out-of-control boys tries to take a shower or dry her hair or (HEAVEN FORBID) go to the bathroom???????

Well, a wide variety of things can happen. The following are just a few examples of what has actually occurred in the Baker house this summer:

A) A fight or screaming match can break out

B) Something can get name it...from toys to precious ceramic heirlooms

C) Child B might figure out how to unlock the door and let himself out

D) Child A might let the neighbor in while you're sitting on the potty with door open

E) Child A might pour himself and the floor a glass of chocolate milk

But the best so far...

F) Child A decides to hide the plastic Scooby-doo mystery machine bus on top of a light bulb inside a lamp (see exhibit 1)

G) Child B tries to be helpful by scooping some food for Dixie and Linus (see exhibit 2)

Exhibit 1...This was discovered as I walked upstairs about thirty minutes later and smelled something on fire in Sam's room. There was smoke and sparks coming from Sam's lamp next to his bed....SWEET! His reply to the famous question "Why did you do that?"...I was hiding it from Fully! Needless to say, we had a lesson in fire safety that afternoon.
Exhibit 2... "Oh Fully...Whacha doin'?" His response, "I feedin' Dixie and Linus, Mommy." I guess he thought our daily errands would take us a week and wanted to make sure the supply was plenty.

So if you ever want to know the possibilities of leaving children semi-unattended for a very short period of time...just check out What's Bakin'?!

Holy Cow!!!! It's only the beginning of July. August 18th seems no where in sight!

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