Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Bakin'?, you ask???

Shannon and I are going from playing man on man to playing zone defense!!!! We are excited to announce that we will be expecting BAKER BABY #3 some time in the beginning of 2009.
I apologize for some-what falling off the blog map but the first trimester has been quite interesting this time. Lots of nausea, hot flashes, extreme fatigue, and as my mother and Shannon so kindly pointed out...severe mood swings (thanks). Shannon and I are the old-fashioned nerds who don't find out what we're having. So...sorry, you'll have to wait with us on the surprise. However, I do not think that Shannon and I could ever produce anything but boys, so all you girl fans don't even need to get your hopes up! ;-)
As for Sam and Fu, They don't know yet. They just think their mother has gone from "crazy" to a "certifiable fruitcake". We will probably wait to tell them when there are more physical need to create any more anxiety in my house for now than necessary. I'm sure they will hear us talking plenty in the upcoming months and be able to figure it out on their own (at least Sam probably will.)
I hope that you are all doing well and staying cool this summer. And we hope that you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this exciting time (Lord knows I need 'em). As can keep up with us right here on What's Bakin'? !!!!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sam the Superstar!

In an earlier post I think I begged the infamous question..."What next?" Remind me never to do that again!

Last night I was at my Junior League meeting while my boys were across the street with Robin and Billy and playing with Carson. Shannon is away on business. OF COURSE...Is that not how it usually works out????

So I am leaving JL HQ and noticed my 4 missed calls from Robin. I knew something was wrong and I quickly called her. "Not to alarm you", she said,"Sam is okay. But he has cut his elbow on a window pane." Apparently, He and Carson were playing hide & seek and he chose to hide behind the curtains in the living room. He said he banged on the window with his elbow to give Carson a hint to where he was...well he really gave her a hint and a blood trail to go along with it.


She assured me that it had stopped bleeding but I really needed to look at it. I got home and ran across the street to find something I really didn't want to see. It was wide open in a lovely "V" shape. Sam, despite the grotesqueness of his elbow, was poised and completely calm. I called none other than my Mom and Dad (a.k.a. is on the way) to come get Fu and put him to bed while Robin and I went to the ER for stitches. We spent the rest of the LONG evening in the ER and returned home about 12:30 am.
He just duked it out like I could have never imagined. Bless his heart! I know it had to hurt. He still has on his war bandages on and is so proud of his bravery. I thought surely that Fulton would have been the first to be stitched up but I was wrong!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!

We hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th. Shannon and I enjoyed ourselves for a long weekend at lake with family and extended family. Mom and dad, along with Michael and Kristin and the kids came up on the 4th and brought lots of food and beverages and the corn hole game for everyone to play. The played FOREVER! My sweet boys fished and played in the lake until we had to drag them to bed. They spent some good rowdy time with their cousins. Sam came away from the weekend with a nasty rug burn and a big blue bruise on his cheek. What next???? (Never say that, right?)
We ate an insane amount of delicious barbecue and enjoyed NaNa's big breakfasts for days!!!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera...I packed it but just couldn't unearth it. Only to find out that it was in the bottom of our pool/beach bag on the last day we were there. So I only got a few pics and yes I was there but someone has to be behind the camera. However, My sister-in-law, Talitha had her College freshman niece there taking pictures that she will hopefully email to me. I'll post them later.

Fulton drifting along

Sambo searching for more minnows for fishing with Papa's make-shift net (??????)

My 3 sweet boys!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh reeeeeeeeeeeally!!!!!! ask...

What happens when a busy house wife and mother of two out-of-control boys tries to take a shower or dry her hair or (HEAVEN FORBID) go to the bathroom???????

Well, a wide variety of things can happen. The following are just a few examples of what has actually occurred in the Baker house this summer:

A) A fight or screaming match can break out

B) Something can get name it...from toys to precious ceramic heirlooms

C) Child B might figure out how to unlock the door and let himself out

D) Child A might let the neighbor in while you're sitting on the potty with door open

E) Child A might pour himself and the floor a glass of chocolate milk

But the best so far...

F) Child A decides to hide the plastic Scooby-doo mystery machine bus on top of a light bulb inside a lamp (see exhibit 1)

G) Child B tries to be helpful by scooping some food for Dixie and Linus (see exhibit 2)

Exhibit 1...This was discovered as I walked upstairs about thirty minutes later and smelled something on fire in Sam's room. There was smoke and sparks coming from Sam's lamp next to his bed....SWEET! His reply to the famous question "Why did you do that?"...I was hiding it from Fully! Needless to say, we had a lesson in fire safety that afternoon.
Exhibit 2... "Oh Fully...Whacha doin'?" His response, "I feedin' Dixie and Linus, Mommy." I guess he thought our daily errands would take us a week and wanted to make sure the supply was plenty.

So if you ever want to know the possibilities of leaving children semi-unattended for a very short period of time...just check out What's Bakin'?!

Holy Cow!!!! It's only the beginning of July. August 18th seems no where in sight!