Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brooks!

Oh what night!!!! Shannon and I went out to celebrate our 9th anniversary and topped our night off with who-else but... THE WHEELERS for Brooks' 35th birthday. We missed dinner with them but were able to catch up with them for the night life! We had a ball and stayed out soooooo late but that's okay when the kids are away!!! We got to sleep til NOON. That's right...I said NOOOOOOOOON!

We ended up at the Saloon in five points. I was a little skeptical of this whole Western Bar concept but it was actually great fun. Even better...It was KARAOKE NIGHT!!!!! Yee-haw! Only country songs aloud.

Happy Anniversary (again), Shan!!!!

Me, Donna, Brooks (The B-day Girl!!!), Ashley, and April

April and David kicked us off with a little duet...April and David are just as much junkies for the mike as I am!!!

Next on stage...David and Patrick (Ashley's husband)

It's CLAUDIE-OKIE time (as my dad and I like to call it) and time to crank it up with a little signature Tammy Wynette

A little trio by Brooks, April, and me...a little diddy called FANCY
Brooks tried her fancy footwork at line go girl!

As usual, it was a blast...Happy Birthday, Brooks! Thanks for having us...We love you!

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